Cross training Monday

According to Hal Higdon’s half marathon training program, Monday is always the day for stretch & strength to rest your legs a little bit after running a long run on Sunday. Today I went to the gym with my husband. He couldn’t go to the gym for awhile because of some knee and back problems. We both started our workouts with using the stationary bikes. I did just 3 miles on it because I didn’t want to make my legs too tired. Then I moved to the exercise area and did 500 jump ropes. Every 100, I stopped and did push-ups – easier way – and then squats. After that I went to the weight training area and did several sets of strength training – bicep, triceps, lat pull down, calf, and glutes – using different machines. My husband joined me and did some weight training after riding 6.29 miles on a stationary bike. We didn’t stay at the gym that long but we had a good enough workouts. After we came back from the gym, I did 25 minutes of Pilates ‘breath and stretch’ following a Comcast on demand video. It cleared my head too. I think I did a good enough job today 🙂

My corgis are using the new bench more and more. They go up on it and eat their treats, lie down, look outside the window and bark. They rest or take naps near the bench. I think they like it.


Lounging at the bench during the day


Jeter and Cappy doing the neighborhood crime watch duty

Hope you had a happy Monday!!


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