Scheduled rest day

It is fun to follow a structured training program. After doing speed work on Wednesday, I ran an easy 3 miles yesterday. And today was the rest day. My legs were sore a little bit on Wednesday night and yesterday morning but running 3 miles yesterday and resting today made my legs feel good again 🙂 During the 100 days of running plus 35 days more, I didn’t have any rest day. After I ended my running streak, I had rest days here and there but those rest days were based on how my body felt. So it’s been awhile since the last time I had a scheduled rest day not to mention following any training program. Tomorrow will be another easy 3 miles day and Sunday will be a long run day – running 5 miles. Then the first week will be completed.

New bench and steps for my corgis

I rested all morning today and went out to the stores in the afternoon. We had a late lunch and went to Home Goods. We bought a basket for storing the dog’s toys and a small bench. The bench is more for our corgis. They can lie down on it and look out the window. It looks cute near the window but a little bit high. Of course Jeter and Cappy can jump up on it but since that bench is not that wide, they can hit their head against the wall. And I usually discourage them to jump on any furniture. So we went to the PetSmart and bought a set of small doggy steps. ( We took Jeter and Cappy with us and they got so much love from many people. They are attention hogs. ) My corgis went up and down to the new bench using the steps. They look so cute on it 🙂

Jeter & Cappy on the new bench

Jeter on the new bench (this picture was taken with the phone.. not that good quality)

Cappy posing on the new bench (this was also taken with the phone )

We already have a good basket for dog toys but it is too tall for our corgis to grab toys in the bottom easily. The new one we got today is lower than the old one and Jeter and Cappy liked it.

This is how I spent my scheduled rest day. I think I had a good day.


2 thoughts on “Scheduled rest day

  1. I love your new bench. It looks green in the first picture, red in the second and red and green in the third. We bought Crumpet stairs and a shelving unit w/cushion so she can climb up and look out the window too. She spends a lot of time up there staring out. I hope Cappy and Jeter love their new “window seat” too.

    • The difference of the color of the bench was because of the lighting 🙂 I used the Sony bloggie – a little hand camcorder without a flash – to take the second picture. And my android phone doesn’t have a good enough flash so the picture quality often relies on the amount of light.
      I think Jeter and Cappy will enjoy their new window seat. I just hope that doesn’t make Cappy bark too much 🙂

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