Early morning run with my corgis

I planned to go out early this morning. The weather forecast said it would be a hot day and I wanted to run with my corgis. But I got up a little bit later than I wanted. I didn’t have enough time to go to the trail but still early enough for running around the neighborhood. Jeter and Cappy were excited while I was getting ready. They didn’t run the last few days because of their paws. But now Jeter’s allergy got better and there is no redness on his front paws. Cappy’s little cut on her hinder paw is healing nicely. So they were ready to run again.

I put the doggy cooling vest on Jeter. Since he is a tri, he has more problems with the heat. And I put a ‘pawz’ rubber boot on Cappy’s paw to prevent any infection. I didn’t forget a water bowl and treats for them. While I was doing these things, Jeter looked at me as if saying “didn’t you forget something?”. For him, my hydration belt and folding water bowl mean ‘going to the forest trail’. So he was wondering why I didn’t put the car harness on him. He even pulled me to the door to the garage when I was heading toward to the front door. He was a little bit disappointed. He loves to go to the trail. It seemed like running around the neighborhood is boring for him 🙂 But Cappy was just so happy. The different looks from their face made me laugh. One was pouting, the other was excited. That was how we started to run this morning.

Today was the 3 mile-run day. I started to run slowly. It was before 7 am but the temperature was already 65 degrees and going up fast. The first mile, we all ran nicely. But after 2 miles, my corgis’ tongues were hanging out. These are picture I took this morning with my phone. The first one was taken during the water break at about 1.5 miles. And the second picture, I took after running 2.5 miles. you can see the difference 🙂

” Whew… it’s hot this morning! “

“We want ice cream!!!!”

Cappy’s summer face

Jeter’s summer face

Jeter and Cappy enjoyed the run. And so did I. It would be better if we ran at the Forest Preserve Bike Trail but still running 3 miles in the morning makes you feel good. Tomorrow is the long run Sunday. Running 5-6 miles has been the everyday thing for me so I’m pretty sure I won’t have much problem tomorrow. But I haven’t decide whether I will take one of the corgis with me or not. According to the Accuweather, it will already be 76 degrees at 5 am. Will it be too hot for my dog to run 5 miles? Maybe they will stay at home.



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