Afternoon speed work

Today is for speed work. The first week’s speed work is 5 X 400 meters. I went to somewhere with my husband early this morning so I did my speed work in the afternoon. This morning I felt so tired because I didn’t have a good sleep last night. After I came back home, I took a nap with my husband and corgis. Then I headed to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail. It was such a nice day to run outside. The temperature was around 60 degrees, sunny and dry. On the bike trail, between 0 to 1 mile, there are marks every 200 meters. I ran 2 miles of easy running then started my speed work. Running 400 meters with a 5K pace and walking 400 meters. I repeated that 5 times. And I added another easy running mile. My daily mileage for today was 5.25 miles. It wasn’t blazing fast intervals but it was good enough for me.

My corgis didn’t run with me again. They are still day-to-day. While I was running, I couldn’t help myself but thinking about them. Maybe tomorrow, I will take Jeter out with me.


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