Running alone / corgis’ lazy day

Today is the second day of the 1st week of Hal Higdon’s half marathon training program. What I needed to do was run 3 miles. So I went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail and ran. Including warm up and cool down, my mileage for today was 4 miles. It was another beautiful day but the temperature went up much higher than yesterday. Sooner or later, I need to get up early to run with my corgis.

I didn’t take my corgis with me. It was too hot for them to run. I could’ve come out early with Jeter if I wanted to but I decided to give him a rest day because I noticed the redness/pink skin between his toes yesterday. I think that was from running on the grass and seasonal allergies. Cappy is still on the DL because of the cut on her paw pad. But it is healing nicely and she will be back to running soon πŸ™‚ Anyway, I had a good run today. Following a training program and knowing my daily and weekly mileage will be low made my running easy and fun. Just 3 miles! And Sunday’s long run is only 5 miles πŸ™‚ You need to keep your legs fresh and healthy to do 16 weeks of training. Increase the mileage gradually is harder than people think. Runners can be greedy. I shouldn’t forget that overtraining is worse than undertraining.

After I came back home, I played with my corgis a little bit and took some silly pictures of Jeter with my phone. He looked so relaxed on the sofa so I gave him the remote controller and put a bottle of beer next to him. He liked the coolness of the beer bottle πŸ™‚

Couch potato Jeter

relaxed Jeter πŸ™‚

After the afternoon walk, Jeter and Cappy enjoyed their frozen dog treats and took naps. They were sleeping so soundly near the window.

Zzzzzzz together

Then the next minute, as soon as they heard something, they got up so fast and looked outside the window πŸ™‚

“Did you see that???”

I think they enjoyed the lazy day today. But I missed running with my cute low riders.


2 thoughts on “Running alone / corgis’ lazy day

    • Thank you!! I just wanted to have a structured training program. I ran marathons before but stopped running for awhile and since last November, I started to run again. I don’t plan to run a marathon this year..maybe next year? πŸ™‚

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