Back in the game

I’m back to running. This morning, I went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail with Jeter. It was a gorgeous day. Blue sky and bright sunshine. But the temperature went up pretty fast. After 2 miles, Jeter started to slow down and his tongue was hanging out. I gave him water frequently and let him run on the grass. I will bring his cooling vest next time.

We finished our run at 3 miles. It was an easy shake-up run. According to Hal Higdon’s training program, today is for ‘stretch & strengthen’. I just needed to run a short run today after having a week of no running. There was no pain or soreness in my quad and I was very happy about that 🙂

On the way back home, I stopped at ‘Bark Bark Club’ for Jeter’s nail trimming. He loves that place. As soon as we went in, his nub started to wiggle like crazy 🙂 While I was waiting for Jeter to come out, I bought a bag of beef ribs. That is one of my corgis’ favorite treats. All natural 100% beef spare ribs with no hormones and no antibiotics. They are not stinky and they don’t splinter. Jeter and Cappy will enjoy them tonight 🙂

Cappy was whining this morning when I took Jeter with me. But she will be off from running for few more days until her paw pad heals completely. It already started to look much better but there is no reason to rush. When Jeter and I came back home, Cappy was so happy to see us. She played with Jeter for a while and took a nap near Jeter when he started to doze off. I think she missed Jeter while we were out.



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