Shortened run

It’s only early May but the temperature rose like a summer day. I was still working this morning so I couldn’t go out to run early. When I was ready to go out, it was already too hot and humid for my corgis. I left them at home and went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail by myself. I planned to run 7-8 miles but I stopped at 6 miles. It was too hot and humid to run. Maybe it was more mental than physical. I can deal with heat in the summer pretty well but somehow these early hot days this year wore me out. And I was very frustrated about the bugs. Too many bugs. I wanted to go back home. 6 miles were good enough and I didn’t want to get more stress from the bugs. That was why I shortened my run today. I think that was the right decision. I was glad I didn’t take Jeter and Cappy out to the trail.

It’s raining hard now. My team is losing but at least I don’t need to hear Kay or Flaherty. Wake up, bats!!


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