Sudden chill

It was such a beautiful day today. Unlike last week, the temperature was perfect for running outside. But I didn’t run. Actually as of today, I have skipped my training three days in a row. I will tell you what happened.

On Sunday, I ran 6.2 miles. I ran in the morning but I didn’t go out that early and the temperature was already above 85 degrees when I started to run. That day I ran hard to pass and avoid a guy who really distracted me. Even though I drank water often, I sweated a lot during and after the run. The same afternoon, it was 97 degrees when I walked my dogs and I started to feel a little bit yucky. Then in the evening, while I was watching a baseball game on TV, I experienced a very sudden chill and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably. On a sizzling hot day, I went under two thick down comforters but still felt cold to my bone. The shivering was so violent that my whole body shook, my teeth chattered non-stop, and my muscles went so tense. I felt better after an hour and a half, but my whole body and muscles were very sore. Well.. my muscles were tensed up and shivered all the time while I was under the comforters so the soreness of the muscles is understandable. I don’t know what caused that sudden chill but I suspect dehydration, heat, low blood sugar(I didn’t eat properly that day), or some kind of infection. I paused my training since then. I will run again when my legs muscles feel good enough again.

One thing I want to say about Sunday’s ordeal is what my loyal corgis did for me. When I was shivering under the comforters, my corgis jumped on the bed and lay down on both sides of me as if they wanted to warm me up and protect me. It was very heartwarming. My husband was surprised because they didn’t move a bit at all for entire time. Usually they don’t stay on our bed that long, especially Jeter. He likes to be with us on the bed but once one of us moves a bit, he harrumphs and goes down to his own bed. Cappy stays on the bed longer than Jeter but she likes to stay near our feet. It was very rare she lies down leaning onto our upper body. So that day, the way they stayed next to me was quite unusual. I think my corgis worried about me πŸ™‚ Jeter didn’t go into his bed that night. He slept on the floor next to the bed. Every time I woke up, he was looking at me as if asking “Are you okay?”. Maybe they love me more than I think.

I’m feeling much better but my husband still worries about me. And I don’t want to run with weak legs and get frustrated. So I will have more rest days even though the weather is tempting. So maybe you won’t read things about running for a few more days on my blog. But I know you will understand.


Ran away from the Muffin Man

Today was a very hot day. The temperature went up to 97 degrees in the afternoon. It wasn’t much cooler in the morning either. At 5am it was already 75 degrees. I wanted to go out to run my Sunday long run early but again I failed to get up. I still went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail later but the temperature was about 10 degrees higher when I started to run – it was 89 degrees when I finished my run but it felt much hotter. The sun was strong but the weather wasn’t the only reason I came back home with no energy left. Today, in the heat, I ran faster than usual thanks(?) to one guy.

I understand some guys like to run shirtless on a hot day like today and some shirtless runners can be eye candy πŸ™‚ But today, after 2.5 miles, two shirtless guys jumped in front of me and started to run. One of them had a very hairy back and he was wearing his shorts low enough to show his buttcrack. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to see. But the real reason which made me run faster to pass them was his jiggling/flapping muffin top. It just threw off my rhythm. So I passed them then his hissing sound of breathing was the problem. I missed my iPod 😦

I ran really hard to be away from him. Hot weather plus running hard made me exhausted. My heart rate went up and I sweated like a leaky faucet. One good thing was that jiggly muffin top man and his buddy were not running fast so I was able to keep some distance. But anyway I ran 6.2 miles today. This was how my second week of my Hal Higdon half marathon training program was completed. I don’t know the Muffin Man and I don’t want to see the shirtless hairy back Muffin Man again!!

When I came back home, Jeter and Cappy licked my face more enthusiastically. I think my face was well seasoned πŸ™‚ I could taste some saltiness from my lips too. I ate scrambled ham and egg which my husband cooked for me and took some rest for a while to cool off. Jeter and Cappy were so excited when I put their leashes on but once they went out, they realized right away it was too hot to have a long walk. Soon their tongue were hanging out and they didn’t want to go far. They looked much happier when I got back into the house. Ahhhh…..nice cool air!! I made their frozen treat and Jeter and Cappy loved cleaning the container I mixed the ingredients in. They put their muzzles together in the small container to lick it. I couldn’t take a good picture of that moment because I only had one hand free and couldn’t grab my phone fast enough. Below is only pic I took. Jeter has some mix on his nose and they both looked crazily focused πŸ™‚


They licked the container in a few seconds. Then they took naps. Sometimes it seems like their life is sweeter than mine πŸ™‚

Test drive Saturday

My husband and I talked last night about going to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail early this morning. We did get up at 5:30am but the weather outside was so cloudy. There were thunderstorms forecast too. We didn’t want to get caught in the rain at the trail with our corgis so we didn’t go. Instead I had a longer walk with them around the neighborhood hours later. Then my husband and I went to the gym. He rode a stationary bike (9.25 miles) and I ran on a treadmill. Today I was supposed to run 3 miles (pace run) and I did a half mile more. Then I did 300 jump ropes. I thought about doing 200 more but I didn’t do it because tomorrow will be a longer run day (6 miles ). Even though running 6 miles is not a big deal, I wanted to keep my legs fresh. Anyway, that was how we spent our morning.

In the afternoon, we went to a Toyota dealer to test-drive a car. We are thinking about buying a new car and have a certain model in mind. The other day we test drove a middle version of that model and today we test drove a higher version. We liked the one we tried today more and are seriously considering buying the higher version. We know this car is popular and there is not that much room to negotiate. But we still wanted to find the lowest price and rate. We got some decent numbers from them today but said to them we want to think about it more. I think eventually we will buy that car. We just need to find a way to get some more discount.

We stayed at the car dealer longer than we planned. When we finally came back home, Jeter and Cappy were so excited. I think they missed us…or they just wanted their dinner πŸ™‚ We will spend more time with them tomorrow.

Hot day Thursday / Rest day Friday

Yesterday while I was resting after finishing my work in the morning, I remembered I totally forgot to return a book to the library. That made me upset about myself because I hate forgetting things and late fees. To make things worse was it was not just one or two days. I was 7 days late!! 7 bleeping days!! So I went to the library and paid $1.40 for the late fee. Then I went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail. It was a very hot day and I planned to go to the gym to do my tempo run. But I just didn’t want to go to the gym. I knew the temperature was already above 85 degrees. But I still went to the trail.

I didn’t bring my corgis with me. It was too hot for them. Before I left the house, I filled my water bottles with ice cubes and cold water. It was hot outside and the sunshine was bright and strong. The ice cubes melted fast. Running in the heat was hard but I had to deal with the strong wind too. The temperature was about 87 degrees and the wind was about 20 mph. Running against the headwind in the cold weather was difficult but in the hot weather it was a different kind of difficult. I ran 5.82 miles but I wasn’t sure I did a good enough tempo run. At the end of the run, I felt like I was melting. Even though I tried my best to keep myself hydrated, I had a slight headache. It was weird because I ran in hotter weather without problems before. I know I’m getting older but to me, it was more mental. I just couldn’t accept this hot weather in May!!

Today was the scheduled rest day. After yesterday’s run, I felt tired and enjoyed today’s rest. It was a much cooler day. I ran on a hot day and rested on a better weather day! My corgis enjoyed today’s afternoon walk. Yesterday, they didn’t want to go far. After the walk Cappy went up to the bench and enjoyed looking outside. Here are some pictures of her.

“Who’s outside??”

“No one is out there…”

“It’s time to take a nap… “


Yesterday I missed the UPS delivery guy. He left a note about another delivery attempt for today. I stayed at home all morning and the UPS guy came around 1pm. I got my packages πŸ™‚

The other day, we were channel surfing and saw a raised Aerobed with a very good price on QVC. We talked about buying one before so we would have an extra bed in case guests visit us since we got rid of the old sofa bed. The QVC’s price($74.97 plus S&H and tax) was way lower than the normal price(about $200). So we ordered it. That was in the package I got today. I waited until my husband came back home before I opened it.

After the delivery, I rested a little bit and took my corgis out then went to the gym. Today was for the tempo run but I didn’t feel like doing it. My body felt tired and I didn’t have much energy. So I switched today’s tempo run with tomorrow’s easy run. I just needed to run 3 miles but I ended up running one more mile. It wasn’t the best run but I was glad I got it done. My corgis slept all day. I think yesterday’s faster paced run in the sun made us tired. Tomorrow will be a very hot day so Jeter and Cappy will not run outside.

We opened the package and inflated the Aerobed. It was quite comfy! My corgis barked at the electric air pump a little bit but they loved the Aerobed. They lay down on it with us and closed their eyes and relaxed. Our new Aerobed was corgi approved πŸ™‚


Happy running Tuesday

Running with my corgis means more things to prepare and bring. As the weather gets hotter these days, I need to bring even more things for them. This morning, I put ice cubes and two water bottles in a little cooler. And I put a big ziplock bag filled with some cold water to soak Cappy’s new pink cooling bandana and put the bag in the cooler. I grabbed Jeter’s cooling vest, a collapsible water bowl, dog treats and a banana for me. While I was preparing all these things, my corgis were getting so excited. After I dropped my husband off at the train station, we headed to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail.

Cappy wearing her new pink cooling bandana

At the parking lot, I took Cappy’s cooling bandana out from the ziplock bag and use the same bag with water to soak Jeter’s cooling vest. Then I took my corgis’ doggy car harnesses off, put cooling gear and leashes on, applied Musher’s Secret pet paw protector wax on 8 paws, wore my hydration belt and finally started to run. Before they came to my life, going to the forest trail to run was much simpler πŸ™‚ But I don’t mind doing all these things. They are my dogs and I love them to pieces. And I want them to run safely.

Jeter wearing his cooling vest

The temperature was 63 degrees when we started to run. It felt a bit cooler than 63, but with strong sunshine, the temperature went up quickly. Jeter and Cappy were full of energy today. I had some hard time to make them not to run too fast in the beginning. After some easy running for warm up, I ran faster than usual thanks to my little corgis. They were like energizer bunnies. Lucky for them, my legs felt good too and we all enjoyed today’s 4 mile-run.

“Let’s rest in the shadow!”

“Now it feels much better!!”

After the run, Jeter and Cappy ate some banana with me and enjoyed the car ride back home.Β Then they were pooped out πŸ™‚ Of course they did some neighborhood watch duty but most of the afternoon, they took naps on many different spots – in their crates, on their 3 different dog beds, on the sofa, on the new bench near the window, on a living room rug, and even on our bed upstairs πŸ™‚ Their sleeping faces looked happy and relaxed.

Jeter fell asleep on the sofa πŸ™‚

Cappy fell asleep on the bench πŸ™‚

Happy running, happy (and tired) corgis, and happy me.

Cross training Monday

According to Hal Higdon’s half marathon training program, Monday is always the day for stretch & strength to rest your legs a little bit after running a long run on Sunday. Today I went to the gym with my husband. He couldn’t go to the gym for awhile because of some knee and back problems. We both started our workouts with using the stationary bikes. I did just 3 miles on it because I didn’t want to make my legs too tired. Then I moved to the exercise area and did 500 jump ropes. Every 100, I stopped and did push-ups – easier way – and then squats. After that I went to the weight training area and did several sets of strength training – bicep, triceps, lat pull down, calf, and glutes – using different machines. My husband joined me and did some weight training after riding 6.29 miles on a stationary bike. We didn’t stay at the gym that long but we had a good enough workouts. After we came back from the gym, I did 25 minutes of Pilates ‘breath and stretch’ following a Comcast on demand video. It cleared my head too. I think I did a good enough job today πŸ™‚

My corgis are using the new bench more and more. They go up on it and eat their treats, lie down, look outside the window and bark. They rest or take naps near the bench. I think they like it.


Lounging at the bench during the day


Jeter and Cappy doing the neighborhood crime watch duty

Hope you had a happy Monday!!

Busy Sunday

I already knew today would be a hot day. So I should’ve got up super early to go to the trail to run 5 miles. But I failed to get up early. I felt tired and didn’t want to get up. I wanted to sleep more. I lost to the temptation of being lazy. That’s why I need a weekend early bird running buddy. Couple of years ago, I ran with my running buddy on weekends. We met at 5am and ran together. Sometimes I wanted to skip the early running and sleep more, but I couldn’t because I knew she was waiting for me. She said the same thing to me. We helped each other not to skip the weekend early morning run. But we got busy and I stopped running for more than two years. That’s how my weekend early run with her disappeared. I miss running with her. Maybe I should send her an email to say hi and ask her to run again with me.

Even though I felt guilty for not going out to run early, I enjoyed sleeping more. Then I went out for brunch with my husband and went to the stores. Crate & Barrel outlet had a sale going on today and I wanted to buy a large storage bin with a grommet I saw before. We went to the outlet store in Naperville. There were not that many cars on the highways thanks to the NATO summit and protesters. I got the storage bin I wanted and we bought a couple of more things over there. But many good things were already gone 😦

On the way back home, we saw a pet boutique ‘Two Bostons’ and stopped by. They offered us a piece of chocolate cake and lemonade. They said every second Sunday of the month, they celebrate pets’ birthdays. The cake for humans was pretty tasty. We wondered if one of my dear corgi owner friends who lives in the area knows about this store or has been there before. We bought a pink cooling bandana for Cappy and a couple of doggy treats – a carob Bosco brownie, a tailwagger (bacon and cheese) twist,and two peanut butter cups – for Jeter and Cappy. I gave the peanut butter cups to them when we were eating dinner and of course Jeter and Cappy loved them πŸ™‚



Brownie(top), Tailwagger (middle), and Peanut butter cups

After we came back home and took the corgis out, I went to the gym. It was after 5 pm but the temperature was still 92 degrees. It was too late to go to the trail and I didn’t want to deal with the heat any more today. But at the gym, it was as hot inside as it was outside. The only difference was no sunshine. It felt like I was running in an oven. But I did what I needed to do. On the long run day of the first week, I needed to run 5 miles today. I ran 5.25 miles and that completed the first week of Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon training program πŸ™‚ The first week’s low weekly mileage (23.95 miles) was easy on my legs and I enjoyed it. 1 week down, 11+ weeks to go.

Early morning run with my corgis

I planned to go out early this morning. The weather forecast said it would be a hot day and I wanted to run with my corgis. But I got up a little bit later than I wanted. I didn’t have enough time to go to the trail but still early enough for running around the neighborhood. Jeter and Cappy were excited while I was getting ready. They didn’t run the last few days because of their paws. But now Jeter’s allergy got better and there is no redness on his front paws. Cappy’s little cut on her hinder paw is healing nicely. So they were ready to run again.

I put the doggy cooling vest on Jeter. Since he is a tri, he has more problems with the heat. And I put a ‘pawz’ rubber boot on Cappy’s paw to prevent any infection. I didn’t forget a water bowl and treats for them. While I was doing these things, Jeter looked at me as if saying “didn’t you forget something?”. For him, my hydration belt and folding water bowl mean ‘going to the forest trail’. So he was wondering why I didn’t put the car harness on him. He even pulled me to the door to the garage when I was heading toward to the front door. He was a little bit disappointed. He loves to go to the trail. It seemed like running around the neighborhood is boring for him πŸ™‚ But Cappy was just so happy. The different looks from their face made me laugh. One was pouting, the other was excited. That was how we started to run this morning.

Today was the 3 mile-run day. I started to run slowly. It was before 7 am but the temperature was already 65 degrees and going up fast. The first mile, we all ran nicely. But after 2 miles, my corgis’ tongues were hanging out. These are picture I took this morning with my phone. The first one was taken during the water break at about 1.5 miles. And the second picture, I took after running 2.5 miles. you can see the difference πŸ™‚

” Whew… it’s hot this morning! “

“We want ice cream!!!!”

Cappy’s summer face

Jeter’s summer face

Jeter and Cappy enjoyed the run. And so did I. It would be better if we ran at the Forest Preserve Bike Trail but still running 3 miles in the morning makes you feel good. Tomorrow is the long run Sunday. Running 5-6 miles has been the everyday thing for me so I’m pretty sure I won’t have much problem tomorrow. But I haven’t decide whether I will take one of the corgis with me or not. According to the Accuweather, it will already be 76 degrees at 5 am. Will it be too hot for my dog to run 5 miles? Maybe they will stay at home.