Cross training Monday / Green feet

This week’s weather forecast is not good for my corgis. Rain showers or thunderstorms all week. That means I will not go to the bike trail and they will stay at home. Poor corgis šŸ˜¦

It was gray and humid this morning. Rain was on and off all day. I went to the gym after I took my husband to the train station. The gym was crowded. I blocked all kinds of annoying noise with my iPod and started to run on a treadmill. Today is cross training day so my short run for 2 miles was the warm up run before jumping rope. After the run, I did 450 jump ropes. It made me sweat a lot. One woman who was stretching near me asked me if she can try it. So I let her use my rope but she couldn’t do more than 3 without stoping. She looked at me and said “it is difficult!!” šŸ™‚ I told her after several times of practice it gets easier. She was so interested in jumping rope after I told her it burns so many calories. Yes, it depends on your weight and level of intensity, jumping rope burns about 11 calories per minutes on average. You can burn more when you do it with higher intensity. It is a very good cardio exercise AND good strength training for your whole body. Just like every exercise, you need to do it correctly. If it is done right, it actually gives less stress on your joint. I want to lose more weight to run better that’s why I started jumping rope. And I think I made that woman to start it too šŸ™‚

I did 7 miles on a stationary bike and some stretching. Then I went to the weight training section. But there were two brothers who I wanted to avoid. They are creepy and very stinky. And they always make weird sounds when they are lifting weights. I didn’t want to deal with that so I just called it a day and went home. I did enough of a workout for today anyway.

It was raining on and off but the landscape company still cut the grass. That made the fur on my corgis’ feet green. I wiped their feet after we came back home from their walk and their feet are white again but it was funny to see them with green feet. I took some pictures of them with my phone. Both didn’t look that happy with green feet šŸ™‚

Green feet of Jeter šŸ™‚

"I don't like green feet šŸ˜¦ "

"Mine are green too! "


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