4.44 + 400

Last night we stayed up late and watched Eureka. We need to catch up on all of season 4 episodes then we can watch the season 5 episodes which are airing now. After watching episode after episode, there are only 2 more episodes left. We went to bed after 3 am 🙂 I thought about going to the trail early in the morning but when you go to bed that late, that was pretty hard to do, especially on a cloudy and windy morning. So we had a lazy Sunday. I enjoyed the good brunch my husband cooked and watched baseball. It was almost 4 pm after we came back from the afternoon dog walk. I knew I would feel better if I go out to run rather than taking a nap. I just couldn’t decide whether I should go to the bike trail or gym, but the weather made it easier. It started to rain. So I went to the gym.

On a Sunday late afternoon, the gym was quite crowded. I hopped on a treadmill and ran 4.44 miles. I didn’t make it 5, but it was okay. I just wasn’t feeling it today and I still ran 4+ miles! I felt much more energized when I was jumping rope. I did 400 jump ropes. Many 4s for today 🙂

That’s it for today. Hope you had a great weekend!!


2 thoughts on “4.44 + 400

    • Nice to know you love Eureka, too. It’s kind of sad they cancel the show after this season.
      We finished Eureka season 4 last night 🙂 Now we can watch season 5 episodes on demand!!

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