Magic word

Do you have a magic word which helps you push it through when you get tired during the run? I still haven’t found the right word for myself but I surely know what is that magic word for my corgis 🙂

This morning my corgis still looked tired. And I felt the same. So we all rested together all morning. Around noon, I started to get ready to go to the bike trail. I thought about taking Cappy with me and letting Jeter rest more. At the doggy daycare, Jeter always played hard all day. He never rested. So usually he needs more than 1 day of resting to recover fully. But while I was pouring water into the bottles, Jeter looked at me as if saying “take me, take me!!”. He gave me that cute begging look. How could I resist that. So I changed my mind and decided to take both of them. Then I realized that I need to put them in my 2 door hatchback Celica. My corgis never sat on the back seat of that car.

When I took them to the garage and opened the car door, Jeter hopped on to the passenger’s seat before I decided which corgi I should put in the front. So I moved the driver’s seat and carried Cappy to the back seat. She looked comfortable and didn’t complain:-) So we headed to the bike trail.

We ran 5 miles today. But it was a hard one for Jeter. Like I said, he was not fully recovered yet. He ran slower than Cappy the Energizer bunny. But he didn’t give up. That’s my boy. I thought about stopping at 4 miles but it was Jeter who wanted to go more. The sun was bright. My corgis started to slow down around 4.25 miles. That was when I used the magic word. The magic word which never failed to regenerate my corgis is “car ride” 🙂 When I said that word, their eyes got wider and brighter. Their little legs started to move faster again. That word made my corgis so excited. Thanks to the magic word, my corgis made it 5 miles happily. I wish I had a magic word for me which has the same effect 🙂

On the way back home, I made Cappy sit in the front seat and Jeter took the back seat. They look tired in a good way. I had another good running day with my corgis.


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