Cappy’s day to run – or “hey Mom, let’s play outside!”

This morning when I was getting ready to go out to run, Jeter was so excited. He knows pouring water into the bottles of my hydration belt means I will go to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail. Then he expects he will go there with me. So when I put him in his crate and took Cappy with me, Jeter protested. But he went there yesterday and it was Cappy’s turn to be my running partner.

It was much warmer than yesterday. We started to run after a warmup run. Unlike the other time with Cappy when she ran next to me at my pace, today she wanted to sprint. I tried to make her run next to me but today her pace was all over the place. She still ran pretty well for 2 miles. But after that she started to get distracted. She wanted to play with other dogs whenever she saw dogs. She tried to chase bugs, birds, squirrels, and leaves. Running wasn’t the number one priority in her mind. So I stopped running at 3 miles. It was good enough for her today. She will go to the doggy daycare center tomorrow and play hard all day.

During and after the run, I gave her some water and treats. I usually put little pieces of treats in the water to make my corgi drink enough water. My two corgis have their own way to deal with it. Jeter is not afraid of putting his muzzle into the water to eat the treats. He is pretty good at fishing out the treats. And one time he even tried to tip the water bowl over! Smarty pants πŸ™‚ But unlike Jeter, Cappy’s way to get treats in the water bowl is pretty simple. She keeps drinking water until she can grab treats without getting her nose wet. Today, she drank quite a lot of water.She looked so happy when she could eat the treats at last πŸ™‚

Just like yesterday, after I took my corgi back home, I went to the gym. I ran another 3.25 miles. It was an easy run. Then I did 220 jump ropes. It felt a lot less awkward today but i still need to practice more. Tomorrow will be an easy day or a rest day.


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