Let’s play two :-)

Just like Ernie Banks’ famous quote, it was a beautiful day for a ball game run, so I ran twice 🙂 It was a windy but bright day. There were no clouds in the sky and the trail was rather empty. I took Jeter with me today. We ran 4 miles. He started slowly but after 1 mile, he was into the run and his short legs were moving so smoothly 🙂 We enjoyed the run a lot today. There were not that many runners or bike riders but some dogs were walking with their humans. One of the dogs was a very big and tall Great Dane. It was a quite funny contrast when that dog was passing by Jeter. I remember one time when I took Jeter to the Montrose dog beach in Chicago, Jeter met a Great Dane and walked through that dog’s legs 🙂

After 2.5 miles, Jeter started to slow down. Even though the temperature was only around 50F, the strong sunshine felt hot. I gave him water and some treats and thought about going back to the car after 3 miles. Then I saw a cream Lab and its owner running toward us. I let them pass us and followed them. Jeter started to run faster again because he wanted to catch up to that dog. We ended up passing by that dog and Jeter looked satisfied 🙂

After running 4 miles, I took Jeter back home. I let him rest and went to the gym for my run #2. I ran 3.22 miles on a treadmill. That made today’s total mileage 7.22 miles. Then I moved to the other corner of the gym and did 160 jump ropes. It still felt awkward but better than yesterday. Looking at myself in the mirror helped a lot. It wasn’t easy, but I kind of like doing jump rope. It makes me feel like being a small kid again.

So I played two today. I will take Cappy out to the trail tomorrow and maybe it will be another “play two” day.


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