Shopping and jump rope

My husband lost so much weight and his pants are all too baggy. He needed to buy a new pair of jeans. So we went to the premium outlet mall in Aurora today. We prefer the one in Indiana but it takes more time to go there and we didn’t want our corgis to stay in their crates too long. I bought two running shorts – “two-in-one tempo running shorts $19.97 ( regular price $50 ) – 4 pair of light weight running socks – $12.99 for 2 pair ( regular price $15 for 2 pair ) – and a pair of thermal gloves – $4.78 ( regular price $20 )- at the Nike outlet store. My husband also bought the same gloves ( larger size ) and some socks. My husband bought a nice pair of jeans later. I think we had a successful shopping trip 🙂

When we came back home, it was almost 5 pm. It was too late to go to the bike trail so I went to the gym. I ran 4.64 miles. It was a short run but a good one. I felt great. And today, I started a new cross training – jump rope! I did 50 jump ropes at the one corner of the gym which has the soft surface. It was the first time I did it since elementary school and it felt quite awkward 🙂 But I will keep doing until I can do it like a boxer!

This morning, I heard about a corgi named Mocha. His owner is CEO Sam Tsang. I never met Sam or Mocha but as a member of, what I read this morning was heartbreaking. Sam’s post about Mocha. They are in my thoughts.  Hope there will be better news about Mocha.


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