Happy running with Cappy

Yesterday I had a rest day. It was supposed to be an easy day but the night before, I dropped a soda can on my left foot while I was rearranging cans on the garage shelves. The edge of the soda can hit my left foot toes and it was very painful. Fortunately I didn’t have any broken or bruised toes but that still bugged me yesterday. So I gave my poor toes more time to recover. That was how an easy day became a rest day. Thanks to the bleeping soda can!

Today my toes were good enough to run. After having a lazy morning, I went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail with Cappy. It was a bit colder than the other day – around 50 degrees and windy – but not that bad of weather to run in. Usually, Cappy tends to sprint when we start to run but today she stayed right next to me and ran at my pace. I sometimes let her run on the grass when I run on the crushed gravel part. She looked so pretty and happy. It was pure joy to watch her run. We ran 4.11 miles today. I thought about running more but I didn’t want my little girl to run too much too soon. I didn’t forget that she is still a new runner.

During our run, Cappy made many people smile. One women stopped and petted her. She kept saying “you’re so lovely, you’re so soft!! What a cute little corgi!!” πŸ™‚ Cappy showered her with lots of corgi love. Another woman with two good looking huskies literally screamed at me “your dog is precious!!” Cappy gave her little bye bye move with her front paw and that woman almost collapsed because of Cappy’s cuteness overload πŸ™‚ Many runners waved at her and said things like “hi, puppy!!”. Every time I took her out, the same thing happens. She is a traffic stopper πŸ™‚ That’s my little girl!

I took some pictures of her using my phone.

Cappy poses for the camera during the water break

"I need to rest a liittle bit!"

"Mommy, let's go back home!!"

Usually my corgis sit on the back seat but today I drove a smaller car – a 2 door with a hatch back – so Cappy was on the front seat. I move the seat back as much as it can go for her safety. And as always she wore the doggie car harness and seat belt.

Now she is resting and her face looks like she’s smiling. She had a good day. I had a good day.


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