Longer run, longer day

My corgis were still not fully recovered from playing all day at the Doggy Dojo yesterday. I let them rest and headed to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail by myself. I went to the other part of the trail today. I needed to drive more to get there but it felt much more peaceful. On Thursday morning, not that many people were out there – early morning runners were already gone when I got there – so it felt like the whole trail is only for me. And for birds, squirrels, wood peckers, and deer 🙂 Nice breeze carried the freshly cut grass smell. Everything was so nice. My original plan was running 6 miles but my legs felt good and I didn’t want to stop. I ran 8.5 miles. This extended run I had today was like a meditation. That cleared my head and mind. Tomorrow, if the weather is nice, I will take Cappy out and run 3 – 4 miles with her.

It was a long day. I didn’t sleep enough last night and was busy all day plus had a longer run. I need some extra sleep. It’s time to go to bed. Night night, everyone!


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