Mixed bag

My corgis went to the Doggy Dojo – their daycare center – this morning because I had to go somewhere with my husband. When we came back home, it was already after 3 pm. I felt tired and stressed. I wanted to run but didn’t want to go to the gym or run around the neighborhood. I wanted to go to the trail. I usually don’t go to the trail later in the afternoon because of the traffic but today, I wanted to go there anyway. The weather was nice again. When I got to the parking lot, it was a bit overcast but after 2 miles, the sunshine was back. There were many people out at the trail but the atmosphere was different than the trail in the morning. I prefer to go there in the morning but still it was good to be out there. I ran 4 miles. It was a short and easy run and a stress buster. I could’ve ran more but I didn’t because I will come back again tomorrow morning. And I wanted to go back home without being stuck in the rush hour traffic.

My husband went to the Doggy Dojo and picked Jeter and Cappy up. They looked so tired from playing with their doggy friends all day. I don’t think they will want to go out and run with me tomorrow πŸ™‚

Almost everyday, I’m inspired by my DailyMile friends. Their love and dedication for running are simply amazing. They are walk the walk, well..in this case I should say ‘run the run’? πŸ™‚ , not talk the talk. The blogs I’m following now are the inspirations for me too. But I will stop reading a certain blog which is preachy, judgmental and full of rationalization and an exaggeration of what that blogger is doing. Life is too short to waste time and energy for that kind of thing.

I don’t like the way the Yankees played tonight’s game. Girardi stinks. There are too many players in the 25 man roster this year who will never earn the pinstripes from me. And seriously, Flaherty needs to go away from the broadcasting booth. I think I’m getting grumpy again!


2 thoughts on “Mixed bag

  1. Speaking of inspirational, your Running Corgi blog is helping me stay strong. I am so happy to be training for a race again. Maybe it’s all the endorphins, but I am really enjoying life more running nearly every day than when I took a hiatus. Crumpet is laying on her omni beanbag looking super cute with her paws up as I write this. Hopefully, she will be able to run with me like Cappy and Jeter do with you by the fall.

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