Happy running with my corgi

After helping my husband’s niece move on Sunday, I gave my sore body a rest day yesterday. Thanks to that, I felt so much better and stronger today. That’s the beauty of a rest day. I did a good job on building a sturdy base through 135 days of running and I’m proud of myself. It wasn’t just a streak of days of running a minimum distance for the sake of the streak (In 135 days, I ran 640.58 miles). But, I should have real rest days for a more structured training and improving the quality of my runs. I was glad I had a rest day yesterday.

Today it was a gorgeous day. I went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail with Jeter. We ran 6.07 miles. Jeter was a little bit slow and dragging behind in the beginning, but after 1 mile, he ran so well. He looked so proud and happy. From time to time, he looked at me as if saying “thank you for taking me here. I love it!” šŸ™‚ I enjoyed running with him today a lot. He was slowing down a bit after 5 miles but still had enough energy to sprint to the car at the end of the run. I took some pictures of him during the water break.

Jeter didn't look that tired in this photo but he already ran 5 miles. After this photo break, he ran one more mile with me.

"whew... "

Smiling Jeter

When we were approaching the 5 mile mark, which is close to the main road, we heard an ambulance passing by with a loud siren and Jeter stopped and started to howl. I didn’t think he would howl because we were not that close to the road. The howling is one of the cutest things my corgis do. Today his howling made a bike rider and a runner laugh. He was darn cute. My little howling wolf.

After we came back home, Jeter was happily resting. I took Cappy for a long walk in the afternoon. We walked around the neighborhood for 2 miles. She protested in the morning when I only took Jeter with me but after the walk, she seemed to forgive me šŸ™‚ I will take her to the trail next time. One corgi at a time.


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