It was a very nice Home Opener :-)

Today I thought about going to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail. My corgis got tired from playing all day yesterday at Doggy Dojo. So, I thought I would go by myself and run some miles in the spring air and sunshine. But this morning, it was a bit cloudy and I didn’t feel like driving. And today was the Yankees Home Opener day. I needed to go to the store to get some things before the game started and I didn’t have much time. So, instead of wasting time in the car, I went to the gym. I ran 4.63 miles at a faster pace to save a couple of minutes. It was a good enough run. I sweated a lot. Before I left, I washed my face, hands, and neck thoroughly because I planned to go to the store directly. I didn’t want to be a stinky customer 🙂

I bought things I needed and hurried back home. I took a quick shower and got ready to watch the game. The Yankees Home Opener is always special for me and this year, the ceremonial first pitch by Jorge made it more special. You can’t lose on a day like this. And my guys did a good job today. I loved the nice crisp pitching, timely hitting, good defense, and fast paced game. No John Flaherty in the broadcasting booth was a big plus. It was a very good Home Opener. They better play like this more often. Oh, I love the Home Opener and the pinstripe!!!


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