Corgi pictures from Easter Day

Jeter and Cappy had a blast at my sister-in-law’s house on Easter Day. These are some of their pictures I took that day.

Our pretty girl Cappy

Smiling Cappy 🙂

I took her pictures there just after we adopted her. She was only 12 weeks old. This is one of her pictures. She still has that puppy look 🙂

Puppy Cappy (June 20, 2010)

Jeter and Cappy were playing outside when we ate dinner but they wanted to come in and stayed near the door. We could see their ears 🙂

4 ears of Easter corgis behind the door

"Can we come in??? "

We all had a good time but near the end, my corgis started to look at us like this.

"We are tired. When will we go back home???"

Yes, they got tired. The next day, they slept a lot. They surely had so much fun on Easter Day 🙂


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