Funeral, thoughts, and running

Going to the funeral always makes me think about what to do for my own funeral. Going to the funeral makes me want to live healthy until I die. It is a sad occasion but it is also a chance to remember and celebrate someone’s life. That’s what I thought again while I was attending the funeral of my husband’s cousin today.

After the funeral, we spent some time with family members at the funeral luncheon. On the way back home, we stopped at an ice cream shop to use the groupon before it expires. Then I went to the gym. My stomach was still full so it wasn’t a perfect time to run but I needed to clear my head. I ran 4.38 miles. And to my surprise, it was the best run in weeks. I felt much better after the run.

To attend the funeral, we took our corgis to the doggie daycare center this morning. While I was at the gym, my husband went to Doggy Dojo to pick them up. They came back home tired and fell asleep. That’s it for today. That’s how my day went.


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