Did you miss me? :-)

One of the songs sung by Chicago starts like this “Everybody needs a little time away”. The same song also says “even lovers need a holiday”. Maybe that was what I needed. A little time away, both physically and mentally from running and blogging. And now I’m back with a smile.

I didn’t run for days because I had a serious cough and chest congestion. It took more days for me to feel better enough to run again. While I had to rest, I just had that a little time away not only from writing posts on my blog but also reading anything about running. I didn’t want to get tempted before I recovered completely. After some days off, my body felt good enough to run so I started running again a couple of days ago. But still I needed two more days off before I come back to blogging. There were things to be done on Easter weekend 🙂

I ran 3.72 miles on Saturday, 3.22 miles with my corgis yesterday, and today I ran 4.14 miles. It was another beautiful day today but it was quite windy. I was super careful about breathing while I was running today because last time I ran against the strong wind, I got a side pain and that was one of the hardest things to deal with. But even though it was windy, I had a good run. My legs felt surprisingly good after yesterday’s speed work with Cappy. But today, my corgis didn’t run with me. They were pooped out and slept all day. Yesterday, they had a long walk in the morning with my husband and ran with me in the early afternoon. Then they went to the Easter party at my sister-in-law’s house. They got so excited and were mentally stimulated and they didn’t take any naps. We came back home after midnight and they fell asleep right away on their beds. They still looked very tired today. Party animals 😉

I took some cute photos of my corgis yesterday and I will post them later, maybe tomorrow or Wednesday. And I will start to work on the training program this week. It’s nice to be back here 🙂


2 thoughts on “Did you miss me? :-)

  1. I missed you and those cute puppy faces brightening my days! I also missed your support and insipration from reading about how well you ate doing! Glad you are back.

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