Cross training Monday / Green feet

This week’s weather forecast is not good for my corgis. Rain showers or thunderstorms all week. That means I will not go to the bike trail and they will stay at home. Poor corgis 😦

It was gray and humid this morning. Rain was on and off all day. I went to the gym after I took my husband to the train station. The gym was crowded. I blocked all kinds of annoying noise with my iPod and started to run on a treadmill. Today is cross training day so my short run for 2 miles was the warm up run before jumping rope. After the run, I did 450 jump ropes. It made me sweat a lot. One woman who was stretching near me asked me if she can try it. So I let her use my rope but she couldn’t do more than 3 without stoping. She looked at me and said “it is difficult!!” πŸ™‚ I told her after several times of practice it gets easier. She was so interested in jumping rope after I told her it burns so many calories. Yes, it depends on your weight and level of intensity, jumping rope burns about 11 calories per minutes on average. You can burn more when you do it with higher intensity. It is a very good cardio exercise AND good strength training for your whole body. Just like every exercise, you need to do it correctly. If it is done right, it actually gives less stress on your joint. I want to lose more weight to run better that’s why I started jumping rope. And I think I made that woman to start it too πŸ™‚

I did 7 miles on a stationary bike and some stretching. Then I went to the weight training section. But there were two brothers who I wanted to avoid. They are creepy and very stinky. And they always make weird sounds when they are lifting weights. I didn’t want to deal with that so I just called it a day and went home. I did enough of a workout for today anyway.

It was raining on and off but the landscape company still cut the grass. That made the fur on my corgis’ feet green. I wiped their feet after we came back home from their walk and their feet are white again but it was funny to see them with green feet. I took some pictures of them with my phone. Both didn’t look that happy with green feet πŸ™‚

Green feet of Jeter πŸ™‚

"I don't like green feet 😦 "

"Mine are green too! "


4.44 + 400

Last night we stayed up late and watched Eureka. We need to catch up on all of season 4 episodes then we can watch the season 5 episodes which are airing now. After watching episode after episode, there are only 2 more episodes left. We went to bed after 3 am πŸ™‚ I thought about going to the trail early in the morning but when you go to bed that late, that was pretty hard to do, especially on a cloudy and windy morning. So we had a lazy Sunday. I enjoyed the good brunch my husband cooked and watched baseball. It was almost 4 pm after we came back from the afternoon dog walk. I knew I would feel better if I go out to run rather than taking a nap. I just couldn’t decide whether I should go to the bike trail or gym, but the weather made it easier. It started to rain. So I went to the gym.

On a Sunday late afternoon, the gym was quite crowded. I hopped on a treadmill and ran 4.44 miles. I didn’t make it 5, but it was okay. I just wasn’t feeling it today and I still ran 4+ miles! I felt much more energized when I was jumping rope. I did 400 jump ropes. Many 4s for today πŸ™‚

That’s it for today. Hope you had a great weekend!!

Magic word

Do you have a magic word which helps you push it through when you get tired during the run? I still haven’t found the right word for myself but I surely know what is that magic word for my corgis πŸ™‚

This morning my corgis still looked tired. And I felt the same. So we all rested together all morning. Around noon, I started to get ready to go to the bike trail. I thought about taking Cappy with me and letting Jeter rest more. At the doggy daycare, Jeter always played hard all day. He never rested. So usually he needs more than 1 day of resting to recover fully. But while I was pouring water into the bottles, Jeter looked at me as if saying “take me, take me!!”. He gave me that cute begging look. How could I resist that. So I changed my mind and decided to take both of them. Then I realized that I need to put them in my 2 door hatchback Celica. My corgis never sat on the back seat of that car.

When I took them to the garage and opened the car door, Jeter hopped on to the passenger’s seat before I decided which corgi I should put in the front. So I moved the driver’s seat and carried Cappy to the back seat. She looked comfortable and didn’t complain:-) So we headed to the bike trail.

We ran 5 miles today. But it was a hard one for Jeter. Like I said, he was not fully recovered yet. He ran slower than Cappy the Energizer bunny. But he didn’t give up. That’s my boy. I thought about stopping at 4 miles but it was Jeter who wanted to go more. The sun was bright. My corgis started to slow down around 4.25 miles. That was when I used the magic word. The magic word which never failed to regenerate my corgis is “car ride” πŸ™‚ When I said that word, their eyes got wider and brighter. Their little legs started to move faster again. That word made my corgis so excited. Thanks to the magic word, my corgis made it 5 miles happily. I wish I had a magic word for me which has the same effect πŸ™‚

On the way back home, I made Cappy sit in the front seat and Jeter took the back seat. They look tired in a good way. I had another good running day with my corgis.

Day at the ball game / back to running

Yesterday was my rest day from running. We took our corgis to the Doggy Dojo in the morning and got ready to go to the Cubs game. It’s been more than a year since we went to Wrigley Field. The weather was tricky. There was a thunderstorm forecast and it was raining in the morning. When we headed to the bus stop, it wasn’t raining but the sky was gray. We got on the long accordion bus and sat down on seats around the connection part. Boy, those seats were so high! I’m not that short (5′ 7″) but my feet couldn’t touch the floor. Sitting like that for 30 something minutes was hard on my quads.

When we arrived at Wrigley Field it was raining lightly. We went in and tried to find our favorite hot dogs but that hot dog stand wasn’t where it was the last time we visited. We were disappointed because that hot dog was the one thing we really wanted. We walked around some more and found that! But the hot dogs we got didn’t taste the same. Why good things don’t last the same way 😦 Anyway, if you want to eat healthy foods, I wouldn’t recommend you to go to the ball game. The foods you can buy at the ball park are far from healthy. We are trying to eat healthier, better foods and usually don’t eat hot dog. But we were at the baseball game!! It was time to bend the rules πŸ™‚ So we got two foot-long hot dogs and beer. It cost $31.50! Talk about overpriced!! But again, we were at the ball game. That’s where you buy overpriced food waiting in line πŸ˜‰ Good we didn’t pay for the tickets!!

George Costanza (Jason Alexander) threw out the ceremonial first pitch. He was wearing the cubs jersey but I think he should’ve wore a Yankees jersey. I mean the cotton one! πŸ™‚

We were underdressed. We forgot the temperature near the lake is always much cooler. We were surrounded by rude and loud Cardinals fans. The Cubs played like…the Cubs and lost. But I still had some fun. Our corgis had lots of fun at the Doggy Dojo. They came back tired and fell asleep soundly. I love my tired corgis.

Today I went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail by myself. My corgis were still resting from yesterday’s hard playing with their furry friends. It was a bit cold but I was okay with my shorts on. I ran 6.25 miles and felt great. My quads were a little bit stiff in the beginning but they got loose after a half mile. I missed running with the corgis though. After the bike trail run, I went to the gym and ran 2.42 miles before I did 230 jump ropes. I came back tired. Just like my corgis yesterday. I had two good days in a row πŸ™‚

Cappy’s day to run – or “hey Mom, let’s play outside!”

This morning when I was getting ready to go out to run, Jeter was so excited. He knows pouring water into the bottles of my hydration belt means I will go to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail. Then he expects he will go there with me. So when I put him in his crate and took Cappy with me, Jeter protested. But he went there yesterday and it was Cappy’s turn to be my running partner.

It was much warmer than yesterday. We started to run after a warmup run. Unlike the other time with Cappy when she ran next to me at my pace, today she wanted to sprint. I tried to make her run next to me but today her pace was all over the place. She still ran pretty well for 2 miles. But after that she started to get distracted. She wanted to play with other dogs whenever she saw dogs. She tried to chase bugs, birds, squirrels, and leaves. Running wasn’t the number one priority in her mind. So I stopped running at 3 miles. It was good enough for her today. She will go to the doggy daycare center tomorrow and play hard all day.

During and after the run, I gave her some water and treats. I usually put little pieces of treats in the water to make my corgi drink enough water. My two corgis have their own way to deal with it. Jeter is not afraid of putting his muzzle into the water to eat the treats. He is pretty good at fishing out the treats. And one time he even tried to tip the water bowl over! Smarty pants πŸ™‚ But unlike Jeter, Cappy’s way to get treats in the water bowl is pretty simple. She keeps drinking water until she can grab treats without getting her nose wet. Today, she drank quite a lot of water.She looked so happy when she could eat the treats at last πŸ™‚

Just like yesterday, after I took my corgi back home, I went to the gym. I ran another 3.25 miles. It was an easy run. Then I did 220 jump ropes. It felt a lot less awkward today but i still need to practice more. Tomorrow will be an easy day or a rest day.

Let’s play two :-)

Just like Ernie Banks’ famous quote, it was a beautiful day for a ball game run, so I ran twice πŸ™‚ It was a windy but bright day. There were no clouds in the sky and the trail was rather empty. I took Jeter with me today. We ran 4 miles. He started slowly but after 1 mile, he was into the run and his short legs were moving so smoothly πŸ™‚ We enjoyed the run a lot today. There were not that many runners or bike riders but some dogs were walking with their humans. One of the dogs was a very big and tall Great Dane. It was a quite funny contrast when that dog was passing by Jeter. I remember one time when I took Jeter to the Montrose dog beach in Chicago, Jeter met a Great Dane and walked through that dog’s legs πŸ™‚

After 2.5 miles, Jeter started to slow down. Even though the temperature was only around 50F, the strong sunshine felt hot. I gave him water and some treats and thought about going back to the car after 3 miles. Then I saw a cream Lab and its owner running toward us. I let them pass us and followed them. Jeter started to run faster again because he wanted to catch up to that dog. We ended up passing by that dog and Jeter looked satisfied πŸ™‚

After running 4 miles, I took Jeter back home. I let him rest and went to the gym for my run #2. I ran 3.22 miles on a treadmill. That made today’s total mileage 7.22 miles. Then I moved to the other corner of the gym and did 160 jump ropes. It still felt awkward but better than yesterday. Looking at myself in the mirror helped a lot. It wasn’t easy, but I kind of like doing jump rope. It makes me feel like being a small kid again.

So I played two today. I will take Cappy out to the trail tomorrow and maybe it will be another “play two” day.

Shopping and jump rope

My husband lost so much weight and his pants are all too baggy. He needed to buy a new pair of jeans. So we went to the premium outlet mall in Aurora today. We prefer the one in Indiana but it takes more time to go there and we didn’t want our corgis to stay in their crates too long. I bought two running shorts – “two-in-one tempo running shorts $19.97 ( regular price $50 ) – 4 pair of light weight running socks – $12.99 for 2 pair ( regular price $15 for 2 pair ) – and a pair of thermal gloves – $4.78 ( regular price $20 )- at the Nike outlet store. My husband also bought the same gloves ( larger size ) and some socks. My husband bought a nice pair of jeans later. I think we had a successful shopping trip πŸ™‚

When we came back home, it was almost 5 pm. It was too late to go to the bike trail so I went to the gym. I ran 4.64 miles. It was a short run but a good one. I felt great. And today, I started a new cross training – jump rope! I did 50 jump ropes at the one corner of the gym which has the soft surface. It was the first time I did it since elementary school and it felt quite awkward πŸ™‚ But I will keep doing until I can do it like a boxer!

This morning, I heard about a corgi named Mocha. His owner is CEO Sam Tsang. I never met Sam or Mocha but as a member of, what I read this morning was heartbreaking. Sam’s post about Mocha.Β They are in my thoughts. Β Hope there will be better news about Mocha.

Happy running with Cappy

Yesterday I had a rest day. It was supposed to be an easy day but the night before, I dropped a soda can on my left foot while I was rearranging cans on the garage shelves. The edge of the soda can hit my left foot toes and it was very painful. Fortunately I didn’t have any broken or bruised toes but that still bugged me yesterday. So I gave my poor toes more time to recover. That was how an easy day became a rest day. Thanks to the bleeping soda can!

Today my toes were good enough to run. After having a lazy morning, I went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail with Cappy. It was a bit colder than the other day – around 50 degrees and windy – but not that bad of weather to run in. Usually, Cappy tends to sprint when we start to run but today she stayed right next to me and ran at my pace. I sometimes let her run on the grass when I run on the crushed gravel part. She looked so pretty and happy. It was pure joy to watch her run. We ran 4.11 miles today. I thought about running more but I didn’t want my little girl to run too much too soon. I didn’t forget that she is still a new runner.

During our run, Cappy made many people smile. One women stopped and petted her. She kept saying “you’re so lovely, you’re so soft!! What a cute little corgi!!” πŸ™‚ Cappy showered her with lots of corgi love. Another woman with two good looking huskies literally screamed at me “your dog is precious!!” Cappy gave her little bye bye move with her front paw and that woman almost collapsed because of Cappy’s cuteness overload πŸ™‚ Many runners waved at her and said things like “hi, puppy!!”. Every time I took her out, the same thing happens. She is a traffic stopper πŸ™‚ That’s my little girl!

I took some pictures of her using my phone.

Cappy poses for the camera during the water break

"I need to rest a liittle bit!"

"Mommy, let's go back home!!"

Usually my corgis sit on the back seat but today I drove a smaller car – a 2 door with a hatch back – so Cappy was on the front seat. I move the seat back as much as it can go for her safety. And as always she wore the doggie car harness and seat belt.

Now she is resting and her face looks like she’s smiling. She had a good day. I had a good day.

Longer run, longer day

My corgis were still not fully recovered from playing all day at the Doggy Dojo yesterday. I let them rest and headed to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail by myself. I went to the other part of the trail today. I needed to drive more to get there but it felt much more peaceful. On Thursday morning, not that many people were out there – early morning runners were already gone when I got there – so it felt like the whole trail is only for me. And for birds, squirrels, wood peckers, and deer πŸ™‚ Nice breeze carried the freshly cut grass smell. Everything was so nice. My original plan was running 6 miles but my legs felt good and I didn’t want to stop. I ran 8.5 miles. This extended run I had today was like a meditation. That cleared my head and mind. Tomorrow, if the weather is nice, I will take Cappy out and run 3 – 4 miles with her.

It was a long day. I didn’t sleep enough last night and was busy all day plus had a longer run. I need some extra sleep. It’s time to go to bed. Night night, everyone!