Another brick day/muddy to fluffy

It was a long day, and now, my corgis are clean and fluffy, and I’m in a good mood because I had a good day. It is a good Saturday night 🙂

My day started with lots of love from my corgis. After the morning walk, they were so lovey-dovey. They snuggled with us for quite a long time and it was so lovely and nice. When we first got Jeter, he was not much of a cuddle bug. But somehow these days, he became such an affectionate dog. My sweet Cappy sometimes became a squirm bucket but this morning she lay down between us on the sofa and enjoyed being snuggled. We were going to go to the stores but we couldn’t leave the house because they were so cute. Really really cute. It took some time to recover from their cuteness spell. We left the house about 11am. Much later than we planned 🙂

After the brunch, we went to Dick’s sporting goods and bought a new exercise mat and a foam roller. I need them for my training. I wanted to buy one more thing but I couldn’t find the brand I have in mind. Then we went to Costco to find some dog treats. When you’re health conscious, you pick the food you’ll eat carefully. I think when it comes to the food choice, dogs are kind of the same with human infants. They can’t check labels. They eat the foods their parents or guardians/owners choose and give to them. My corgis are dogs but they are an important part of my family. So I always check things very carefully when I buy their food or treats. I don’t buy any treat made in China. I check the ingredients and nutrition information. I check the manufacturer’s record for being recalled. And I check the expiration dates and the packages. You can say I’m picky when it comes to choosing the dog food or treats. If you’re a dog owner, you know dog treats are not cheap. We don’t give a lot of treats to our dogs but we use some for training. And I buy some treats at Costco. Not all the time but sometimes they actually carry some good treats. We were happy when we saw ‘Wet Noses’ organic dog treats and Alaska salmon treats at Costco. But they don’t have them anymore. I was disappointed. Then my husband found ‘Three Dog Bakery’ treats. We loved TDB but the only store in Chicago closed last year. We bought 3 bags of little low fat biscuits for our corgis. I was happy to find their treats at Costco. Yes, small thing like that makes me happy 🙂

After we came back home, we took Jeter and Cappy out for their afternoon walk. We walked 1.7 miles around the neighborhood and it was such a good walk. My original plan was after the dog walk, to go out again and run by myself for a while. But during the walk, my corgis got so dirty. The low riders needed some bath time. Giving them each a bath, blow drying them, and cleaning the fur covered bathroom took a long time and effort. It was a little bit late to go outside to run. So, I went to the gym again. The gym wasn’t empty but everybody was into their exercise. It was strangely peaceful. I rode a stationary bike 6 miles and ran 3.32 miles. It was a good ride and a good run. I like a ‘brick’. But still my legs didn’t feel 100 percent. I will have an easy day tomorrow.

Now the corgis are resting happily. And we will finish the last episode of ‘Three Rivers’ on Netflix. I had a good Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Another brick day/muddy to fluffy

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the need to read labels and check where your food is made before buying–whether it’s for humans or their pets. I like Zuke’s mini naturals–Pet Supplies Plus carries them as well as the local dog food distribution center in northern Plainfield.

    We have had their peanut butter and salmon treats and both have been a success with Crumpet (~8mo-1 year old) and her friend Spunky (9-10 year old Corgi).

    • We like Zuke’s, too! I change their treats from time to time and buy Zuke’s at pet supply plus. Another treat I use is dried beef liver. It is a little bit expensive but I give them one a day and it last quite long.

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