Brick day & dine out

This morning I felt really sluggish. I thought about having another rest day, but I didn’t. The rest day is for the day I’m really really sick. The rest day should be scheduled as an important part of the training program. So, today shouldn’t be a rest day. That’s why I went to the gym and exercised.

I have a DM friend who is a triathlete and training for her triathlon. I saw the word ‘brick’ so many times in her training log. A “brick” workout, in the triathlon community, is a bike ride followed immediately by a run. I’m not a triathlete but I can use this term too because that’s what I did today. I planned to ride a stationary bike only today. But it was so boring. Boring to tears. And after 5 miles on a bike, I started to get annoyed by a boy who was talking endlessly and so loudly while doing a stepper behind me. I saw that boy several times before. First of all, even though he is with an adult, I don’t know that the young boy should be allowed to use the gym equipment. And someone should teach that boy to shut up and exercise in the gym. Not to mention that on a stepper, bending to the side too much and literally hanging onto and leaning under the handrails is not safe at all too. That boy’s voice is so loud and shrill! I really need to learn a magic spell to shut people up. Even with my iPod on, I could hear him. Being bored and annoyed at the same time, I ended my bike workout at 7.04 miles. I immediately moved to a treadmill at the opposite side of that boy. I ran 3.12 miles quickly. That was my brick workout today. It wasn’t planned, it was the result from the boredom and being annoyed but at the end I can see the merit of the two exercises combined. Anyway I was glad I didn’t skip the gym and got my workout done.

My husband feels much better. We went out for dinner. Our favorite brunch spot ‘Katie’s kitchen’ opens for dinner on Friday night. We thought about trying their dinner menu but never did it before today. I ordered fish and chips and my husband got a grilled salmon, mashed potato, and a cup of clam chowder. We also ordered an appetizer – coconut shrimp. Overall the verdict of today’s dinner was ‘disappointed’. Their brunch is excellent, but the dinner items we got today were not. Coconut shrimp and clam chowder were blah, my fish and chips was too salty. My husband said his salmon was good but nothing special. Maybe we will try one more time but I think this restaurant is a good place for brunch but not for dinner.


2 thoughts on “Brick day & dine out

    • Maybe we ordered the wrong items.. But anyway it was kind of sad when you didn’t get the good food from your one of the favorite restaurants. Annoying know kid is a kid. It’s that adult’s fault. He should teach his boy the proper gym etiquette.

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