End of the streak

Today I ended my little streak after running 135 days in a row. This morning I just decided to have a real rest day. I’m not injured and even though I have a slight cold, I still could go out to run. But I’d like to end it when I want to, not when I had to. Just like the day when I started it, there was no specific reason for picking the day to end my streak. Somehow it felt like the right time to wrap it up. But I did consider some factors.

I’ve been thinking about the quantity and the quality of my running a lot these days. I’m very happy and proud of the way I did my 100 day project. The quantity AND quality were there in a balanced way. That was a good one to build my endurance base and I managed to keep myself from getting sick too much. So I didn’t need to run just for the sake of the streak when my body was not in a good enough condition. My mileage was pretty good too. I ran 4-5 miles everyday constantly. But to be honest, after completing the 100 day project, things got a little bit boring and the streak was becoming a borderline obsession. Running should be something for a dedication, not for an obsession. I want to control my run, not the other way. I want to add some variety and cross training. And, if I have to pick one, I will go with the quality over the quantity. I want to run smartly, not stubbornly.

If I could turn back time, I would’ve had a rest day on my Day 101. But runnIng 35 days more wasn’t that bad. I don’t know why but actually Day 135 sounds good 🙂 In 135 days in a row, I ran a total of 640.58 miles. And I ran my first race of this year during the streak. One thing I didn’t want to do was ending my streak as the result of frustration. But at the race, I had the good, pick-me-up run at the last 1 and a half mile. And I had a good recovery run yesterday, too. So, it feels like now is a good time to close chapter one and move forward to chapter two. Many baseball fans, including me, respect Cal Ripken Jr.’s consecutive games played streak, but it was true there were some controversies and debates about whether his streak was becoming a burden to his team at the later part. So he removed his name from the lineup card voluntarily and ended his streak. My little running streak is nowhere to be compared to Ripken’s but it’s true I felt the same with what he said later. He said that he decided to end the streak entirely on his own terms while he still could.

It was cold this morning but the temperature went up in the afternoon. It was a good day to run. I can’t lie I wasn’t tempted to change my mind and go out to run. But I didn’t do it. I told my husband and DailyMile friends about my decision to end the streak in the morning. I even didn’t read other runners’ posts about running. Now, it’s too late to go out to run so I can say I ended it 🙂 I celebrated my streak, and my long missed rest day I had today. And I’m looking forward to having a new running adventure and challenge. Be happy for me!!


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