Day 132 – Better day / Race Expo

It was raining hard this morning when I was heading to the gym after I drove my husband to the train station. It looked more like a summer storm than a spring rain. Even rain skipped spring this year.

The gym was a little bit crowded. I went to the treadmill I usually use to block the sight of some unpleasant members. I ran 3.5 miles. It was a slow run but it felt different. It felt better. It felt like I finally saw a little light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn’t decide what to do for the 8K race on Sunday yet but maybe I will be able to run it without putting my legs at risk. I’ll still be very careful though.

When I came back home, my corgis were so lovey-dovey. They are such sweet pups but today they were sweeter than usual. Maybe they sensed my not so cranky mood 🙂 I played with them and groomed them with a FURminator. Just 2 days ago I FURminated them but boy, I was buried in their fur again. Maybe they are two sheep not corgis! They really enjoyed the spa time and looked thinner after that 🙂 If I could shed my time at the race like them, I would be an Olympic medalist! Once I heard about the service that makes yarns using your dog’s hair. I’m sure I would have a lot of yarn if I use that service.


In the afternoon, I met my husband at his work and went to Navy Pier with him to pick up my race packet for the 2012 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K. On Friday afternoon, it wasn’t that crowded. I got my bib and t-shirt. We walked around and bought some GU gels and chomps. I tried several headbands but still couldn’t find any good one which doesn’t slip. This year, race day weather will be good. Not like 2009. You can see some pictures of that one in my previous post by clicking this link. Day 58

There was a fog warning issued in Chicago area. Rain is on and off. But somehow I had a better day.


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