Cappy’s 2nd birthday

Today is our sweet little girl Cappy’s 2nd birthday. Time really flies!! I still remember that little puppy when we brought her to our house just like it was yesterday and now she is a beautiful, happy grown up corgi. We love her so much. She is the best girl corgi in the world to us!!

For her birthday, I bought some treats and a snake toy yesterday.

Of course she was crazy about new the treats and she loves her new toy 🙂 This no stuffing snake toy has 6 big squeakers and the manufacturer(Kyjen) said “They keep squeaking even when punctured!”. Cappy keeps biting each squeaker and enjoys them so much.

"Many squeakers!! I'm so happy!

"Hey Jeter, help me to attack this snake!!"

These two pictures were taken by my android phone so the picture quality isn’t that great but you still can see how happy Cappy is. They played with it together for a while but Jeter got tired of the endless squeaking sound Cappy was making 🙂 Cappy kept playing with her snake. She bit, tossed, and carried it around. Looking at her play like that made me smile. She is my happy pill!

Happy birthday my sweet little Cappy. Always be happy and healthy! We are so lucky to have you!!


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