Frozen treat for my corgis

The weather is too hot for my corgis these days. Every time I took them back to the house from walk or run, they drank some water and lay down on the hardwood floor to cool their furry bodies. So I made a frozen treat for them last night. Usually this treat is for the summer days but it already feels like summer!!

What you need : Peanut butter, Pumpkin puree, Non fat plain Greek yogurt, and an Ice cube tray

Mix the ingredients up. I use 5(yogurt) : 3(pumpkin) : 2(peanut butter) ratio

Put the mix into the ice cube tray.

My corgis are doing the cleaning duty šŸ™‚

Put a frozen treat into the Kong and give it to your hot dog šŸ™‚

I gave this frozen treat to them today after the run and Jeter and Cappy were crazy about it šŸ™‚


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