Day 130 – Corgi relay

It was another unseasonably hot day. When the temperature went up above 60 degrees, I loved that. But having this many ‘over-85-degree-days’ in March isn’t feeling right. My body is not ready for the summer like weather in March. I bet this hot weather is the shock to my corgis, too.

I took Cappy to the Forest Preserve Trail today. Jeter was protesting a little bit when I only took her but I thought one corgi at a run would be easier for me. It was around 9:30 am but the temperature went up so quickly and the sun was so strong. Usually Cappy is an energizer bunny and she runs so fast but today she didn’t want to run that much. I didn’t want my little girl to get sick so I gave her water frequently and wet her belly to cool her down. I ended our run at 2 miles. I didn’t think she could go more. Before I went back to the car, one couple with a black lab puppy said hello to us. They asked me “is your dog a corgi puppy?” I know Cappy still looks like a puppy 🙂 I told them “yes, she is a corgi but she is going to be 2 years old.” I let Cappy play with that cute lab puppy (5 month old but as big as Cappy!) for a while. They played so nicely and look so cute together! After the playing, Cappy was happy but she looked tired. She enjoyed the air conditioner in the car.

After I came back home, I gave a frozen dog treat I made to Cappy and took Jeter out. It was already so hot. I knew Jeter will not be able to run too far. After 1 mile, he started to walk behind. I took him back to the house, gave him a frozen treat and went outside again to run a little bit more. I ran a total of 4.72 miles today. It was hot hot hot day. I needed to drink a lot. It’s like the middle of summer. Where is spring????

In the afternoon, my corgis took naps. Jeter fell asleep near the A/C vent. Maybe he wanted to cool his furry butt down 🙂 Cappy was sleeping in the small dog bed. I took pictures of them with my phone. My sweet sleeping corgis.


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