Day 129 – Where’s my mojo?

When the run hasn’t been fun, it gets harder to keep going. Today, I found myself with a lack of motivation again. I know what I need. I need a good run. Just one good run. It doesn’t need to be a great run to get the runner’s high. It doesn’t need to be a super long or fast run. I just want a peaceful and relaxing run. And it feels like I will not get a run like that. At least for now. I need to get my happy run again. My side pain is all gone but I still can’t run the way I want. Something is just not right. I need the momentum back. But today it was hard to push myself out of the house.

After staying at home all morning, I went out with Jeter and Cappy. It was another hot day. The temperature was about 85 degrees. As if someone flipped the switch, flowers blossom on the trees everywhere. I ran slowly 2.51 miles with my corgis. I wanted to make it 3 but it was too hot for them. I took them home and went to the gym. At the gym I ran 1.21 miles on a treadmill and indoor track. So my total running mileage for today was 3.76 miles. After the run, I rode a stationary bike for 10 minutes and did some weights too. But nothing was fun šŸ˜¦

Still I got some miles in. I did some workout. That’s the positive side of today. Hopefully tomorrow I can say “I had a good run”.


2 thoughts on “Day 129 – Where’s my mojo?

  1. I think our mojo’s are hanging out together laughing about our latest runs! But thats okay we will both get them back and be happy ladies! šŸ™‚

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