Day 128 – The streak – it lives

I wanted to stay at home and do nothing today. I didn’t want to go out to run. It didn’t matter how beautiful a day it was. I thought today would be the end of my little streak. I just didn’t feel it at all. Since I had that side pain, I didn’t have any good running and that made me frustrated. I didn’t get that stress busting effect a good run usually gives. Running hasn’t been fun. And today I really didn’t want to be frustrated because of running.

It was after 4pm and I somehow convinced myself and went to the gym. I ran 3.57 miles. It was an easy run but I was glad I did. It was a better run than the last few days and a welcoming sign especially when I expected nothing. Still far from the good run but at least it was good enough to make me run tomorrow.


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