Day 126 – Morning trail run, Pet Expo

This morning I took my corgis to the Forest Preserve bike trail. I slept late and went out about an hour later than when my alarm went off, but still it was early in the morning. It was a beautiful morning and already many runners, walkers, dogs, and bike riders were out there. We started slowly but Cappy wanted to sprint. Jeter looked at her as if saying “hey, that’s not the right way!” 🙂

They got lots of “awwww…so cute!!” compliments. It was better than yesterday but even in the morning, the sun was strong and Jeter started to slow down. He needs to get his fitness back. I felt bad because he ran so well before. Just like human runners, dogs shouldn’t do too much too soon when they run again after some no running period. And even though Cappy runs pretty well, it is her first running season. So she needs to train like a novice runner.

The temperature went up quickly, they were running with their tongues hanging out. I stopped several times to give them water. Our 10 legs covered 4.23 miles today. I wanted to do 5 but changed my mind because that would be too much for my corgis in this hot morning. It’s just amazing how quickly the weather changed from frigid cold days to ‘too-hot-for-my-dogs-to-run-much’ days 🙂

After coming back home, my corgis were happily taking a rest. We went out for brunch and headed to the pet expo. The first time we went was in 2010. We got some nice free samples and saw many interesting pet gears and toys. We bought things with great deals and had fun. Last year we went again but that wasn’t as good as the previous year. We found out today “not so good” last year’s pet expo was way better than this year’s. It was more like ‘pet rescue/adoption groups expo’. We support the pet rescue groups but that’s not what we saw before. To be honest it was disappointing. Maybe because of the economy, many vendors gave up and do not participate. Maybe because of the economy, people gave up their pets so rescue groups have more pets. We came back home with some antlers for our corgis. I don’t think we will go there again next year.


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