Day 125 – 600 miles!

It was another sunny and warm day. I think this is the warmest March since I came to Chicago in 2001. I planned to have another easy day today. So instead of going to the forest preserve trail, I ran around the neighborhood with my corgis. Since they didn’t run a lot during the winter, I don’t take them with me for longer runs. I thought about 4 miles would be fine for me and for them. But once again, my run didn’t go as I planned.

It was much warmer than I thought. The sun was too strong. I brought water and their water bowl for them and tried to go along the shady part of the sidewalk but they didn’t take the heat that well. I worried about them. So after a little bit more than a mile, I took them back to the house. I should’ve taken them out for running when It’s cooler like early in the morning.

After taking care of my corgis, I went out again to continue my run. My mileage for today was 4.05 miles. It wasn’t that good of a run I hoped for but with today’s mileage, I reached the 600 mile mark (600.24 miles). Hopefully, I can have a better run day for my next milestone.


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