Day 124 – A jerk ruined my focus

It was an easy day. But I had a hard time focusing on running for a while because I was so upset.

The weather was nice. I went to the trail earlier than yesterday and the temperature was lower than yesterday’s record breaking 80s. But before I went there, on the way to the train station I had a bad experience involving a stupid jerky idiot driver. His car was parked and he pulled away from the curb fast without looking. Our car was already passing by that car when the idiot almost hit into the back seat of our car. I speeded up and avoided the accident. But I heard that idiot beep at us. What?? If there was anyone who should beep, it should be me, not him! But that wasn’t the end. He drove his car next to us and cursed. What’s wrong with this jerk?? He IS the one who did wrong! I was upset because I didn’t yell back at him enough.

I tried to calm down. I kept talking to myself “Let it go. Forget about this. My car didn’t get hit and no one was injured.” But I got so upset and couldn’t focus on running. My head was filled with anger and rage during the first mile. That didn’t help to loosen up my muscles. I couldn’t control my breathing. So I stopped and sat down. I cried a little to release my anger. If I was the one who did wrong, I wouldn’t be that angry. Anyway, having a short break and talking on the phone with my husband helped a lot. I decided to have an easy day. My mind was already exhausted by the bad energy and my legs felt a little bit tired from yesterday’s 7 miles. I finished my run at 3.72 miles.

These days, an ignorant ‘attitude’ and stupidity is often enhanced with rudeness., many times living in this world as a smart and nice person feels like a big disadvantage which requires you to put up with too much even when you shouldn’t.


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