Day 123 – Summer wind / Easy as 1-2-3

I remember one of the morning news anchor woman complained about the content of Wikipedia before. According to the anchor woman, Wikipedia said that Chicago has only two seasons – winter and summer. She said angrily “we do have spring and fall. Four seasons here!!” But today I’m not that sure of what she proclaimed. All of a sudden, it was a summer day! Where did spring go?? Just one day of spring weather I enjoyed yesterday is gone. Well.. this is the beauty of unpredictable Chicago weather 🙂

After having a busy morning, I headed to the Forest Preserve Trail again. It was another bright sunny day but much warmer (or should I say hotter?) than yesterday. Some women runners were running shirtless – of course they were wearing sports bras – and just looked normal. When I finished my run, it was almost 80 degrees. I should’ve put some sunblock cream on. A Summer day in March!! When the warm wind touched my face, I sang the song ‘Summer wind’. “It lingered there to touch your hair and walk with me~~” while I was running.

It may sound lovely, but my run was far from lovely. I was physically struggling and mentally fighting against the negative voices in my head. My legs felt heavy again. I was running like an old granny. I couldn’t increase the speed. It was my day 123 but my run wasn’t easy as 1-2-3. I was getting frustrated again. But suddenly things were getting better after 3 miles. I could run like pre-‘side pain’ days! I don’t know what happened to my body but I’m not interested in finding out. What mattered to me was that I enjoyed more than a half of my run today. And my mileage for today was 7.04 miles 🙂


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