Day 122 – Perfect day blues

It was a perfect day for running outside, sunny and bright. The temperature was near 70 degrees. It was like a day in May. But unfortunately, my run wasn’t that pretty. And that made me frustrated a lot.

Today I went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail. For the first time this year, I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirts for outdoor running. I was wearing a thin, light running jacket but when I arrived at the parking lot, I saw an old woman who was wearing a short sleeve t-shirts walking her dog. Then I saw a shirtless bike rider and two women were walking with tank tops on. ‘Okay, I don’t need my jacket.’

It felt so good. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right. And the pain in my left side is almost gone. I started the warm up. I wanted to have a good run. Well at least a decent run. But my legs felt so heavy. My left calf was stiff and wasn’t loosened up until 2 miles. I couldn’t run at the pace I used to run before I got that nagging pain. I got frustrated and disappointed. A few good things about today’s run were 1) I got plenty of vitamin D, 2) I pushed through it and ran 5.32 miles, 3) and I didn’t experience any side pain except when I sneezed. But still, I can’t help myself but sing the blues. I know, every runner has a bad day here and there and I will have better running days. I need to get rid of this sinking feeling. I just don’t know how right now. Maybe extra hugs and kisses from my husband, some more love from my corgis, and a good night sleep would help?


2 thoughts on “Day 122 – Perfect day blues

  1. So glad your side pain is almost gone, and yes we all have bad runs, but pushing through and telling yourself you can do it is the way to take it head on! Good job lady!

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