Day 121 – Best laid plans…?

I don’t know why but I couldn’t sleep well last night. I was up until 5 am trying to fall asleep. Maybe Daylight Savings Time messed up my body clock? Whatever the reason was, I felt like being a zombie this morning. What I wanted was to go back to the bed and sleep. So my plan was..taking my corgis to Doggy Dojo and have a full day for me. Usually I need to make an appointment at least one day before, but I was able to get them in today without an appointment thanks to DD. After I drove my husband to the CTA train station, I planned to drop my doggies, go back home, take some nap, and go to the gym in the afternoon. But my day didn’t go according to plan πŸ™‚

After I took my corgis to DD, all of a sudden I wasn’t feeling that tired. So instead of going back home, I went to the store and bought some veggies and food. Then I went to the gym and ran 4.57 miles. Yesterday, it was such a gorgeous day but today was damp and cloudy. It was still warm but the rain was on and off. And there was the weather forecast of possible hail and heavy storm showers too. I didn’t want to go out to run in the warm rain or hail, especially when the pain in my left side didn’t go away completely yet. It’s getting better and I’m about 85% but I still need to be careful.

Running wise, today was better. I could run a little bit faster to test the water. It went well and I didn’t feel the pain during most of the run. This week is supposed to be the peak week before the 2012 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K, but I’m going to make it as my “come back” week. I’ll increase the weekly mileage back to above 35 miles but I will skip the speed work. By the way, the gym was like a sauna today. There must be something wrong with the temperature control. It was way warm and humid. Even the slowest walkers were sweating like leaky faucets.

After I came back home from the gym, I cleaned the house, took a shower, ate some food and boom, my afternoon was almost gone and it was time to pick up my corgis. Where was the ‘nap’ part?? Why does time fly when the doggies are not at home??

Jeter and Cappy came back with unusually dirty paws. So they got the paw bath before dinner. Now they are pooped out. I was told Jeter was playing with a cockapoo named Riley all day. I bet Riley got very tired too πŸ™‚ Well, they said a tired dog is a happy dog. My corgis are definitely happy dogs tonight!



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