Day 120 – “Ha, ha, ha, beautiful Sunday ~”

Like that old song by Daniel Boone – it was one of my favorite songs when I was a little girl -, it was a beautiful Sunday. The temperature was above 60, sunny, and most of all, there was no crazy strong wind. Just a mild breeze. What a gorgeous day. Even though I still have that nagging side pain, I couldn’t waste the weather like this by going to the stinky gym. I went out and ran around the neighborhood. I ran like a senior penguin but it was a good enough run for me. It was the first time I ran outside since Tuesday. My mileage for today was 3.58 miles. I could’ve ran more but I didn’t want to do too much. During the run, I focused on my breathing. It felt like spring. I know, I know I live in Chicago where you can have a heavy snow in April. But at least today, I enjoyed the spring like weather and running outside.

Our corgis had a long walk with my husband this morning and they walked around the neighborhood again with us in the afternoon. We thought about taking them to Whalon Lake dog park in Naperville area but didn’t go. They will go to the doggie day care center next week and I will take them to the forest preserve trail too. Before I run with my corgis more, I’m going to order a ‘buddy system hands free dog leash’.


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