Day 118 – Running in place.

The pain in my left side is getting better but still there. I miss the days I could sleep on my side. But since it doesn’t hurt when I walk or run slow, I went to the gym and ran 3.73 miles slowly. I’ll skip the weekend long runs and keep doing this easy runs until the pain goes away completely.

The gym I go to changed the whole group classes and instructors. Today when I was there, a Zumba class was going on. It was fun to watch people doing that but I don’t think it’s the class for me. I need to check their classes again. I already saw that the Saturday morning classes weren’t that great. Well.. I need to wait until this nagging pain goes away before I try any class.

That’s it for today. Not that much to say about my easy run day. I know it will take some time and it’s only the second day of my easy run, but I’m already tired of not running as much as I want.


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