Day 116 – Stick to the plan

It was another crazy windy day. That evil wind didn’t go away!! There were many broken branches on the street and trees were breakdancing. It was a warm day again but with this kind of wind, I didn’t even think about going outside to run. So I went to the same old stinky gym.

After struggling in the wind yesterday, I got a pain in the left side. I think I pulled some muscles while I was running against the wind. I was so tired last night too. But this morning the pain was gone and surprisingly my legs felt good. If I were still tired, I would’ve switched the today and tomorrow’s workouts but I didn’t need to do that. I stuck to the original plan of 6X400 intervals. With the warm up, easy running and the cool down, I ran 5.75 miles today. Speed work made me tired but I was glad I did it. It is hard but it also gives me a very rewarding feeling 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 116 – Stick to the plan

  1. It feels great to be able to run in bad weather or when you’re just not all up for it. I need to work speed work into my runs and I’m hoping it won’t kill me. Just started training with my boyfriend for a half marathon and our first long run is this Sunday at 5 miles. So considering you did that, I’d be super proud if that was me. (:

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