Day 114 – I love ‘Easy Monday’

I was happy I ran 8.15 miles yesterday. I know it was just over 8 miles, not a half marathon distance or a 20 miler but still I got the feeling of accomplishment. So I gave my hard working legs an easy day today. It was my ‘Easy Monday’ and I love it 🙂

At the gym, I ran 3.21 miles. My legs felt tired a little bit from yesterday’s long run but after a couple of minutes of walking warm up, they were good to go. But it was my nose which was suffering. I don’t know what they did, but the whole gym was really stinky. I’m calling the gym I go to the ‘Stinky gym’ on DailyMile but today it was literally stinky. A pungent smell was in the air. Did they use a different cleaning solution? I don’t know but it surely was not a pleasant smell. AND the old sweaty guy with bad BO on the next treadmill wasn’t helpful. Thank goodness it was an easy day so I didn’t need to stay there long. Even though I spent less time at the gym than usual, putting up with unpleasant smells made me want to go out to run. Good thing is… tomorrow will be warm enough for me to do that.

When I came back home, I tried to do some yoga again but didn’t finish. I was hungry and wanted to take a shower to get rid of that smell from my hair. I’ll try to do it at another time this week. Oh, and I’m going to keep the “easy” theme this week. I only had one “recovery week” on my 12th week and this is my 17th week. Time to cut back the weekly mileage. But I will only go easy on ‘quantity’, not ‘quality’. That means tempo run, speed work and long run will still be included but I’ll just do them short.

Good luck everybody on your training this week!


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