Day 113 – long run day

Today was the scheduled long run day. It was the first one since I started running again. I didn’t know what to expect. I never ran more than 6+ miles on a treadmill. But it turned out to be a quite good run and I was happy about it.

My goal mileage for today was 8 miles. After the warm up, I maintained my 8K pace(6 mph). Just like yesterday, my legs felt good. My breathing and HR were good too. It felt more like a meditation than a run. I ran 8.15 miles and I could’ve ran more if I wanted to do. My husband went to the gym with me and walked on a treadmill a little but he experienced the discomfort in his foot again 😦 But he walked around the indoor track several times while he was waiting for me.

After we came back home, I enjoyed watching a spring training baseball game. Then I took a sweet nap in the afternoon. Tomorrow will be an easy run day. I’m having good running days these days 🙂


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