Day 111 – shut up and do your workout

It was my scheduled easy day. I slept more last night and my legs felt much better. But I still felt some effect from the speed work I did on Wednesday. I will see how my legs feel tomorrow and think about the Sunday long run. Today I ran 3.39 miles at a super easy pace. Knowing that what I need to do today is running only 3 miles made my run easier even before I started.

The gym was crowded and there were many people who don’t know basic gym etiquette. More than 4 members were talking on their cell phones more than 15 minutes while doing their “exercise” – I don’t know you can call that ‘exercise’ though. Too many people didn’t leave after their workouts and stayed next to their friends who were still exercising and chatted loudly forever. They were annoying as hell but I kind of learned to ignore them and used my iPod to block their yammering. So I ran 3 miles without getting annoyed that much and started the cool down. That’s when I was really ticked off. Near the end of the cool down, an intelligence-challenged looking man came to me out of nowhere and said something to me. I was wearing the earphones so I didn’t know he was talking to me. Then I saw his finger was pointing at the control panel of the treadmill I ran on, so I took out one side of my earphones. I thought he was asking me how long will I use that treadmill. But he was jibber-jabbering weird things. I made an annoyed look and put the earphone back in. I didn’t know why that man came to bother me. If he didn’t go away, I would’ve yelled at him. Somehow he kind of ran away to the stairs. I finished my run and was getting ready to leave. That’s when the guy who was walking on a treadmill next to me asked me if I have a boy friend. What’s going on here??? Why did these bs things happen to me today???

At my age, getting hit on might be a flattering thing. But that was not how I felt. It was creepy and unpleasant. I was upset. I grabbed my back pack and left. I should’ve said something to him?? Maybe. But I just didn’t want to talk to him. I didn’t want to deal with it. When I came back home, I called my husband and told him what happened. He said if he was there he would take care of the creep.

Maybe I need to change the times I go to the gym. One of DM friends suggested I report this incident to the gym but I know so well what this stinky gym staff members would do. They’ll do nothing…or make the situation worse. I don’t want to worry about my safety in the parking lot. There is an old korean saying, “people avoid the shit on the street not because it is scary, but it is dirty”. Yes, I don’t want to get dirty. But really, why don’t people just shut up and do their workout at the gym?? AND leave me alone!


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