Day 99

Since I started my 100 day project, I usually go to the gym with my husband in the morning on the weekends. So it’s been awhile since we went out for brunch. Today, for the first time this year, we went to our favorite brunch place – Katie’s kitchen. Yes, I didn’t go to the gym in the morning. Instead I ran outside in the afternoon 🙂

Usually I don’t go outside to run unless the temperature is above 50 degrees, but today, even though the temperature in the afternoon was about 35 degrees, the bright sunshine was too tempting to resist. I ran around the neighborhood. I took Jeter and we ran about 2 miles together. Then I ran back home and switched him with Cappy. I ran another 2 miles with her. Then I ran by myself. My mileage for today was 6.27 miles. Jeter used to run 9-10 miles on a weekend with me before but when I stopped running he also didn’t have many chances to log many miles. And during the winter my corgis’ activity level went down. So I didn’t want to make him run too much today. Cappy loves to run but she never ran long miles before. My dogs need to be trained before running serious miles with me. Anyway, it was fun to run around the hood with my corgis. Jeter always runs at my pace so he’s a good running partner for warming up and for a slower run at the beginning. Cappy is an ideal running buddy for a tempo run or speed work. She loves to run faster 🙂 My corgis enjoyed their running with me and looked so happy. Their happy energy boosted my mood up. I ran faster today. Even though the wind was cold, I sweated a lot. It felt so good.

My husband made a really, really good chili today. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a good day. Now, just one day more to completion of my first goal!!


Day 98

It was a very beautiful day to run outside. Sunny and not that cold. But I didn’t go out to run. I wanted to. But I went to the gym. Because I didn’t want to worsen my symptoms. I’m not 100% yet. I want to finish my 100 day project strong. Not this way. So I need to make myself better. That’s why I went to the stinky gym. Not into the sunlight.

I ran 5.11 miles. I felt much better than yesterday. But my husband had some foot problem. After 0.75 miles of walking, he stopped and moved to the stationary bike. He did 11.75 miles on a bike. After we came back home, he had a sudden pain around his hip. Hope he doesn’t have any serious problem. I just want him to be healthy and happy. And he has lost 15 lbs. since January 8th!

Anyway, the 14th week and the last full week was completed(37.28miles). Only 2 days to go.

Day 97

It was a hard day. Actually it was the hardest day since I started my 100 day project. Last night I didn’t feel good so I took the medicine and went to bed early. This morning I was so tired and sleepy. After I took my husband to the CTA train station, I came back home instead going to the gym. I just couldn’t do it. I needed to sleep/rest more. After couple of hours of sleep, I went to the gym. But still I didn’t feel it. I thought about just doing 3 miles. The first mile was really hard. But somehow I managed to run 3 miles. Then I started to feel a little better so I did some more. My mileage for today was 4.07 miles. That was a lot for me today. I’m proud of myself for not giving up. That’s one reason I should have another specific goal. I know me. Once I have a certain goal, I tend to be stuck on it. Without my 100 day project, today would be the idle day and I would be lazy for more days. And I know how dangerous those ‘few’ days of rest could be. That’s how I didn’t run more than a year – well… almost two years.

My husband got his hair cut and he looks so cute! And he’s eating more healthy food these days. I love to see him eating salads:)

Day 96

On Day 96, I ran 5.57 miles. Last night we had to take our doggies out in the rain. I wore my raincoat but maybe I didn’t wear a warm enough sweater under the raincoat. This morning I had a sore throat. I didn’t sleep much last night because of my work. I wanted to go back to bed but instead I went to the gym- I’m proud of myself. After the run, my sore throat was gone.The power of endorphins!:-)

My corgis enjoyed their nap time in the afternoon. Jeter was snoring and that just made me laugh:-) So I looked at him and his eyes were open. I thought I woke him up. But the very next second, he started to snore again. That’s when I found out that he was sleeping with his eyes open as if he was awake. It looked weird and funny. Maybe my goofy little boy just wanted to check whether I give any treats to Cappy while he was sleeping 😀

Day 95

My husband succeeded in waking me up this morning again. So we went to the gym early in the morning. I felt tired at first but started to feel better in the second half. I ran 5.41 miles. My husband walked 3.43 miles. I think we had good enough exercise to burn the calories from the apple turnovers we had last night:-)

It’s day 95 and I’m still feeling quite good. One thing I worried about when I started my 100 day project was getting injuries like shin splints or ITBS because I have not had any real rest day. But so far I didn’t have any kind of injury problem, knock on wood. Maybe I have been babying myself too much? Or I have been doing it right. Hopefully, it’s the latter. My project is to build a sturdy endurance base for running more, better, and wiser. So let’s get this project done without any injury. That’s what I’m focusing on now. 5 more days to go to accomplish my first goal!

Today, my corgis were sleeping a lot. I took a picture of Cappy. She still looks like a puppy when she’s sleeping:-)


Day 94

I don’t like the Valentine’s Day commercial hype. My husband feels the same. Maybe we’re getting too old to get excited about Valentine’s Day. Or we don’t need to have a certain day to express our love for each other. Anyway, we started the day with a date. Going to the gym at 5:30am date:-) We got a nice Valentine’s Day gift, too. The most annoying Chatty Cathy wasn’t there today!! Her friends were still chatty but not as annoying as her. That made our morning quite pleasant. I ran 5.31 miles and my husband walked 3.43 miles. We came back home and shared a croissant and some fresh squeezed orange juice and extra hugs and kisses. That’s a good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I don’t like candy. I don’t like chocolate. I have a wonderful husband. He’s the sweetest thing for me in the world. That’s more than enough sweetness for me.

It was snowing lightly. And the temperature went up a little bit. It was good for my corgis because all the salt on the sidewalk was melted and gone. Since the last snow, the sidewalks were covered with salt. That irritates my corgis paws. Last night when we took them out for the night walk, Cappy had some problem on one of her paw and started to walk on three legs. I usually put the doggie boots on them but last night I thought they would be okay without boots. My poor little girl looked so miserable. So my husband carried her home. She looked happy in Daddy’s arms. But she is not a 7lb puppy any more:-) Today after all the salt was gone, she didn’t have any problem. I hate to see my corgis lift their feet because of salt.

So that was day 94. Another good day for love.

Day 93

Another peaceful day at the gym. Afternoon people seem to be much better behaved than morning people at the gym I go to. I ran 6.03 miles and felt good. It’s day 93 of my project and I feel strong. These days my run is like this. I walk 5 minutes for warming up and start to run at 5.0 mph for another 5 minutes. Then I run at 5.5, 5.7, and 6.0 mph. Yesterday and today my speed went up to 6.3 mph. I know it’s still slow but I’m happy about what I’m doing:-)

What is your post run food? Mine is my homemade tuna salad sandwich on whole grain bread and green tea. Or a croissant and a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice. And I love to eat clementines. Sometimes I drink chocolate milk too. I love that hungry feeling after the run. And I love post run eating:-)

Day 92

It was a rare peaceful day at the gym. It was not empty. There were quite a lot of people there but everyone was focusing on their exercise. Maybe all the annoying people on my black list went to their church/temple/etc to be forgiven for annoying me:-) Anyway it was so nice. It should be like this everyday. I ran 5.78 miles. My legs felt light and I enjoyed my run so much today. My husband walked 3.48 miles. He liked this unusually quiet gym too.

That was my day 92. Quiet and peaceful. Overall a good day.

Day 91

I love the weekend because I can sleep more in the morning:) Today I went back to bed after I took my corgis out. Jeter and Cappy joined the sweet nap with us. So I went to the gym with my husband later. I ran 5.31 miles and my husband walked 3.54 miles. The gym was rather quiet today. But my husband had some hard time because of the guy who was running next to him. I knew why because once the same guy was on the treadmill next to me. That guy has very bad BO. Yes, it’s hard for us to have a good day at the gym these days. Always someone/something’s there to bother us. I know that’s the beauty of going to the gym. Never get bored..just get annoyed:)

But anyway I did my run for today. My 13th week was completed(38.87 miles). Now there are single-digit days left to complete my 100 day project. I’m thinking about what to do after accomplishing my goal. I don’t know whether I will have a real “rest” day soon. I know how valuable and important it is to have rest days to prevent injuries and improve your performance. But at the same time, I love to run everyday and I’m afraid to be lazy again and fall off the wagon. One more thing is that my intensity level has been medium-low. I’m not a competitive runner. What I want is to have a healthy habit of moving my body. Now I understand why many runners said the longer your streak goes, the harder it is for you to stop it voluntarily.

Well… first things first. Before I decide what to do on day 101, I need to complete 100 days. Anything can happen in 9 days. Hopefully nothing stops me from accomplishing my first goal.

Day 90

I had another easy day. I ran 5.06 miles slowly. I just didn’t feel it today. There was that disgusting shower man and he still washed his face and neck at the water fountain. There was a male staff member who chatted annoyingly and loudly forever. Cleaning guy filled the spray bottle not with disinfectant solution but with water from the water fountain. And most of all, a rude and stupid woman staff member with a sucky attitude was on the phone when I expressed my concern about the shower man. LA Fitness sucks. Really sucks. It was a Bally’s before and this gym was old, dirty, and annoying, but now it’s much worse. Today I really wish I had a treadmill at home so I don’t need to deal with these annoying people. I’m so tired of this yucky gym. I miss warm weather and I miss running outside at the forest preserve trail.

Okay. End of my rant for today. Ugh!!

Anyway I ran and I completed 90% of my project. 10 more days to go.