Day 109 – “I feel the need for speed”

When my husband is watching AMC’s “The Walking Dead” I’m sitting next to him and thinking “I’d better do some speed work in case of a zombie apocalypse.”

I didn’t do any speed work so far since I started to run again. I wanted to complete my 100 day project first and I know that without any real rest day, speed work could be quite burdensome to my legs. And, my fitness level was not ready. I needed to build the endurance base first. After 100+ days of running, I think it’s time to try some speed work. So today was the day. Last time I did any kind of speed work was…more than 2 years ago šŸ™‚

It was a warm and sunny day. If the wind was not that strong, I would’ve changed my plan and go out to run. After thinking about what to do for a while, I decided to stick to my original plan and went to the gym. I walked 5 minutes for the warm up and ran 2 miles at an easy pace. Then I did 6X400 meters with a 400 in between walking. And I did more than a mile of easy running and the cool down. The total mileage I ran for today was 6.51 miles. It was more like speed work penguin version but I’m pleased. Just like the way I increased the mileage, the intensity of speed work will be increased gradually. Little by little, I’ll get better. That’s my motto šŸ™‚


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