Day 108 – hard or not, running makes you happy

Running everyday is like riding the roller coaster. Up and down and up and down. Even when you know when the ride will go up or when it will go down, the thrill of the ride doesn’t get compromised. What you can do, I mean what you SHOULD do is to sit back and try to enjoy it. Sometimes running feels so hard without any specific reason. Then the very next day, it feels easy enough to make you think you can run forever. Today, my run was the mixture of both. In the beginning my legs felt stiff. I extended the warm up until my leg muscles started to loosen. I needed to put out more effort to run at the usual pace in the first half. I even thought about running less again. But I just kept going and all of a sudden, things got easier. I increased the speed gradually and had a good second half. Overall it was a more than okay tempo run. I ran 5.54 miles and I’m happy about it.

It is raining now. My corgis are resting happily on the sofa with daddy 🙂




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