Day 107

It was my super easy, less-mileage running day. Yesterday I went out to run late in the afternoon and today I went to the gym in the morning. So I wanted to give my legs a break since they had less time to rest. And from this week, I’m going to add one session of speed work and a long run so Monday and Friday will be the easy days. My weekly mileage will be the same or maybe less because I’ll take some miles from those easy days and add them to the long run. As always, I’m not going to do too much too soon. That was one reason I didn’t have any leg injury during my streak. Today I ran 3.53 miles at a slow and easy pace. After I came back home, I did 15 minutes of “yoga for athletes”. It was one of many fitness videos on Comcast on demand. It was about stretching and breathing and not that hard to follow. I’ll do that again and maybe try other yoga videos. My gym offers yoga class only twice a week. One class is at inconvenient time for me so I can try another one on Saturday morning but I don’t know about the difficulty level of the class. I need to talk to the instructor before I try.

These days we eat veggies and fruits more. Whenever I cut fruits or veggies, Cappy is jumping around me and waiting to get some pieces with a happy smile. She loves to eat everything I give to her but one of her favorite fruits is honey dew melon. Today when I was cutting the honey dew melons, she did her cute happy dancing ๐Ÿ™‚ Jeter joined her and they enjoyed melon together. Later they got some mangos, too. There is not that many thing in the world cuter than a corgi’s mouth which is munching fruit ๐Ÿ™‚


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