Day 106 – running outside & shopping for corgis

Today it was windy, but warm enough to escape from the stinky gym and run outside. I took Jeter and started to run around the park near our house. There were many dogs and their humans in the park. Jeter was curious about every dog he saw but still kept running nicely beside me. There was a dog who was enjoying a fast run with the owner who was inline skating around the basketball court. Jeter looked back at them many times. Sorry buddy, mommy is not fast enough for you.

He seemed to love running with me but I just ran less than 2 miles with him because there was too much salt on the sidewalks. Some of the salt chunks were quite big and I didn’t want my corgi to have any paw problem. I took him home and then kept running. Today’s mileage was 5.26 miles. It wasn’t that great of a run. I was a little tired…or maybe hungry. Anyway I didn’t have much energy. Even though it was windy, I planned to run more than 6 miles today. But after 5 miles, I changed my mind and wrapped up today’s run. Still, I have 5+ miles in my book and I’m proud of myself.

One of the reason I felt a bit tired would be that I had a busy morning after not sleeping well/much. This morning we went out for brunch and went to several stores including a pet store to buy somethings for our corgis. We bought few low calorie treats and looked around the store. Thanks to the mild winter, many doggie winter jackets are on sale. My husband found one jacket with a fur trimmed collar for Cappy. It fits her so well and she looks so cute 🙂

Cappy's new winter jacket with fur trim.

I even tried it on Jeter and it fits him too, but he looks like a doggie pimp! 😉 So it’s not for him. Definitely not 🙂
We grabbed 2 little toys too. One elephant for Jeter and one Moo girl for Cappy. They love their new toys.

Cappy is ready to attack her new toy Moo girl

"Got ya!!"

Jeter is posing with his new toy elephant

My husband cooked a killer dinner. His healthy lemon broccoli chicken was so delicious. Overall I had a wonderful Sunday.


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