Day 99

Since I started my 100 day project, I usually go to the gym with my husband in the morning on the weekends. So it’s been awhile since we went out for brunch. Today, for the first time this year, we went to our favorite brunch place – Katie’s kitchen. Yes, I didn’t go to the gym in the morning. Instead I ran outside in the afternoon 🙂

Usually I don’t go outside to run unless the temperature is above 50 degrees, but today, even though the temperature in the afternoon was about 35 degrees, the bright sunshine was too tempting to resist. I ran around the neighborhood. I took Jeter and we ran about 2 miles together. Then I ran back home and switched him with Cappy. I ran another 2 miles with her. Then I ran by myself. My mileage for today was 6.27 miles. Jeter used to run 9-10 miles on a weekend with me before but when I stopped running he also didn’t have many chances to log many miles. And during the winter my corgis’ activity level went down. So I didn’t want to make him run too much today. Cappy loves to run but she never ran long miles before. My dogs need to be trained before running serious miles with me. Anyway, it was fun to run around the hood with my corgis. Jeter always runs at my pace so he’s a good running partner for warming up and for a slower run at the beginning. Cappy is an ideal running buddy for a tempo run or speed work. She loves to run faster 🙂 My corgis enjoyed their running with me and looked so happy. Their happy energy boosted my mood up. I ran faster today. Even though the wind was cold, I sweated a lot. It felt so good.

My husband made a really, really good chili today. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a good day. Now, just one day more to completion of my first goal!!


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